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Scott Hanson, NFL RedZone Host

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September 9, 2022 8:04 pm

Scott Hanson, NFL RedZone Host

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September 9, 2022 8:04 pm

Scott Hanson joined Zach to discuss his go-to meal after a long Sunday of hosting RedZone and which team he's most excited to watch on Sunday. 

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

From the rocket mortgage Studios will be looking to purchase a new home refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there for home on solutions that fit your life well rock to candidates is that guilt show on a football Friday coast-to-coast on CBS sports radio. Let's head out to the gas line right now welcoming Scott Hansen who was the preeminent host of NFL red zone on the link there is a close second.

You can opt to catch it.

Each and every Sunday afternoon. For more information on NFL red zone visit zone. Scott it feels like football season when we hear your voice. How are you doing well good to be back. Happy new year, so to speak. So how do you like just calm the nerves this week. As you wait for the build up when everyone waits for your introduction to basically walk in them into the NFL season on Sunday. I actually don't cry like pull down the nerves I want to build right before I joined you right here in this call. I texted my brother and I said Brian I'm still so fired up after all these years I'm in the middle of my Friday afternoon research grinding through my spreadsheets of the facts and research notes and opening up like that and I'm just like, let's go. I can't wait to try and temperate is one of you don't sublimate that use a good vocabulary word into my preparation so that someday were ready to eat and were ready to let you guys have the best viewing experience in the NFL so clearly like you just said this never gets old but there's been a lot of movement in the broadcasting world this off-season. How do you plan to do red zone. Scott well how much longer will it take for someone to offer me a you and Al Michaels get out Joe Blocker like to Ricoh type salary that you know that things could change in a heartbeat to get him thrilled for all of my my peers and colleagues in sports media that there seems to something great seeks to build and shuffled down a little bit different look a little bit different on different nights of the week, but I'm thankful to still be identical red zone and being that In share for yell seven hours of the best competition on earth. I need you to take me to about eight or 9 PM Eastern on Sunday. What type of food are you eating after that marathon of well with the first thing I do, I leave the studio and believe it or not. When I walked out of the studio. I do not even head to the men's room and I pray that I need to feel the need to go after seven hours of not using the facility well drive home to my place here in Los Angeles. I pop up NBC Sunday Night Football. I'll be watching that game highlight shows on my side monitors I have screens on my media wall here in my Outlook I and then think this weekend I usually go to rotation whatever ghetto greasy fatty caloric CEO I want to have. I allow myself on Sunday night usually rotates between like a good Italian pasta dish Chinese all thanks Berger sometimes Mexicans sometimes, but I haven't decided exactly yet. However I do like the polish off the end of the meal with chubby hubby Ben & Jerry's ice cream caramel swirl with the chocolate covered pretzels little salty sweet all that she cut and by the way I'm reminding myself of the lab. I actually don't have a pint or two in my fridge. I need to go get my or Ben or Jerry are listening to red zone boy up. I'm unhappy with the unit is one thing you said that I absolutely love that you devour Chinese food because that's a big debate on this show my emaciated producer how take a Keith. He looked at me like I had 13,000 had last year when I told him as I do these the Sunday I am football show on CBS sports radio for eight hours and afterwards always get Chinese food because it's the perfect Sunday Night Football food labor is what you like like this quite like the new like to write whatever protein you want to throw on it. I'm really a I usually go for little compound chicken Lal compound chicken and shrimp and then I also get. I really like noodles but I can also get some fried rice on the side love it and then the key is this order aside, spring rolls or pack. I'm not married I don't I don't have Time Myself. I Hope for Practice Spring Rolls You Really Want to Grow Detailed Members of Your Audience Will Will Probably Enjoy the White Top of the Spring Rolls off and Then It's like You Know It's Got to Bear Soy Sauce Lock down the Middle of the Spring so That I Get That Pure Saltiness That I Just Met with the Right Deep-Fried Crunchiness All Bad You Can't Beat It Now on Talking Myself into Going Chinese in Week One Here Now We Know When You Actually Go to the Bathroom after That Meal. Scott, You Talked about Your Legendary Bladder.

You've Only Taken One Bathroom Break in the Entire Existence of the Show. Is There Any Pressure. Do You Feel to Not Go to the Bathroom Because Now This Is Become a Big National Good Question Because Even Roger Caddell Himself Got a Little Bit Intrigued If Not Fascinated by by Your Boy.

Scotty's Bladder Integrity. Let's Call It I Was Doing an Interview with Roger Years Ago Were Doing, like the State of the NFL Interview on NFL Network and We Were Both in the Makeup Room at the Same Time We Had in the Studio.

Roger Leaned over to the Bathroom Somehow Will Make Them like Commission It's True I Don't When You Get to My Age.

You're Not to Be Able to Do That by the Time I Get There Ghetto Medical Science Will Conduct a Male Male and so to Speak, and at Belleville Have Something That Will Help Me along the Answer Is Kind of Yes like I Would Take a Bathroom Break at It. I Choose Not to. And It's Not the Beat My Chest over to the Bathroom for Seven Hours Because If I Left the Studio. I Still Have My Earpiece in My Ear at the Wireless We Caught an IFB You Know That Your Piece like You All Again. I Am Convinced I Walk out This to Your Door Even for Two Minutes to Use the Facilities Unconvinced the Greatest Touchdown in the History of the NFL Is Going to Happen.

I Will Not Let Myself Back Touchdown so That's Why I Don't Think about Your Break. I Don't Want to Miss a Moment. It's Actually Funny You Say That Because I Was Working for Radio I Would Do the Monday Night and Thursday Night Post Game Show and I Went to the Bathroom Right before We Got on Their and That Was When Myles Garrett Swung His Helmet at Mason Rudolph and I'm in the Bathroom. All These Little Back to the Studio Get Back to the Studio and I Missed It All Yeah You Don't Never Forget You Remember Where You Were. The Moment That You Don't Buy Computer Reach Back and the Great One Had to Catch a Three Sport Your Direct, but It Really Breaks You're Not There and You're like You What I Will Never Forget Is about Sport and about Serving Our Audiences Never Forget and You'll Never Let Yourself Live It down. I Want to Put Myself in That Circumstance. That's Why I Am Just Glued to the Monitors for Seven Straight Hours. Scott Hansen Here with Us and I Saw the Game Last Night. Bills Absolutely Dominated the LA Rams Are You More Impressed by the Bills Are More Concerned about the Rams Question. I Was There in Person. So I Got to Watch a Band of Very Few Games I Get to Actually Go to a Joy It Is Bad, but I'm More Impressed with the Bills Because to Go on the Road. That Stadium Was Blazing Hot Edit on the Field Level about Hundred Degrees. I You Don't Know You Traveled Well so I Would Even Say It Was a True Road Game and It Was to Their Body Clocks and Your Flight across the Country and All That and They Key in the in the Stadium but It Josh Allen Lived up to Get a Couple of Turnovers, but Everything Else Is Flawless in His Game and That the Defense Just Devoured That Rams Offense of Line and and Befuddled Matt Stafford for Most of the Game.

I Was Probably More Impressed with the Bills Even If They Were 90% of People's Super Bowl Preseason Favorite Randall Get It Corrected. The Rams Just Ran up against the Buzz Saw Yesterday so I Would Say I'm I'm I'm More Surprised Were Pleased That If That's the Word I Could Use in Terms of the Great Football That the Bills Play in Game One Will Be Covering Right Out Of the Suit on Sundays.

Get a Debater May Feel Going up against His Old Team, Panthers, and I Have What You Expect from Baker What Type Baker to BC on Sunday Little behind the Scenes of NFL Red Zone. So We Got Nine Games in the Early Window This Weekend and Will Have Our Production Meeting a Couple Hours before Showtime.

We Go through Every Matchup.

Nine of the Early Window Games in the Late Window Were Looking for Your Things to Keep an Eye out for in All of This. Obviously Baker in the Revenge Game and All That Is One of Meeting Every Week. We Usually Discuss Where Is Our Landing Spot Will Go to the Octal Box Right to Show yet 89 Games Are Going on across the National Football League and Everything Where the First Woman to Go to You Know If Everyone Kicked the Ball through the End Zone. It Will All Be off at the Start of the 25 Yard Line. All Things Are Kind People.

Where Should We Go to First Build Probably Be a Couple People in Our Production Meeting, Pounding the Table or If Baker Mayfield in the Carolina Panthers Get the Ball First. We Gotta See Baker in That Opening Possession. Not an Easy Call Because You're Talking about Trading Lamps to Get the Ball First. In His First You'll Start Last Year, I Get It, but You Got the Keys to the Franchisor. The 49ers Who Could Be a Super Bowl Contender This Year. That Would Be a Landing Spot on Display in His First Drive with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Landing Spot.

Joe Burrell of the Reigning Champion to Get the Ball First. All Sorts of Places We Could Go to for Possession. I Might Be Baker Mayfield and Certainly If He Throws the Ball on the First Drive You like 1/3 Longer Condensate. Hey, Here's His First Row of the Carolina Panthers and ON the Court Shall See Everything He Does throughout the Game. Just As You Will for You, Lawrence, and in Year Two or Joe Flack Go Taking over the Jets for a Little While Our Jacket Not Getting the Long-Term Contract but Trying to Make Another MVP Season, the Patriots of the Daltons Is an Early Window Game a Big Game That Little Term and Jockeying Ordering in the Division This Year on It. If It Doesn't Sound Obvious Back Side Late Scott Hansen Here with Some Red Zone. You Talked about the Pats and the Things That Such an Interesting Game to Me Because I Don't Know What to Look like All Penciling the Same Could Be Said for the Dolphins That I Expect Big Things Out Of the Dolphins I Got to Go to Training Camp for the Day.

Got to See Things a Little While and Look like It or Not It Is All on to It on the Bottle, I.E. All Lined up for Right There and If It's Not This Year. It Might Never Be. In Miami I Really Expect Good Things. Historically Speaking the Dolphins at Home against the Patriots Had Good Success against the Belichick/Brady Patriots Back in the Day to Be Hot As Blazes down There with the Humidity That Belichick Took His Team down There. They Actually Practice for Several Practices down in Miami Earlier to Try and Get Acclimated to It. I Expect Big Things Out Of the Miami Dolphins Offense This Year and Even in Their First Half of Their First Game 2022. I Really Do Not Know What to Expect Out Of Matt Jones and the Patriots. I Really Do Believe There's Something There Supplier to the Smoke of Shuffling the Coaching Staff. The Way That They Have Not Having a Clear Understanding At Least outside of Their Walls Clear Understanding of How the Playcalling Dissemination Will Go.

I Think There Are Big Questions about the Patriots Offense Going into the Season Scott Hansen to Other Games and I'm Circling Packers and Vikings Chiefs and Cardinals.

When I Look at the G7 Wonders What to Look like without Tie Retail. I Think They'll Be Okay Because That Patrick My Homes in the Same about the Packers When They Get to Be like without the Mont Adams I'm Not That Concerned Because They Have Our Rogers Think about the Late Window Working Great Window Window You Got Giants at Titans Nice Game for A Lot Of Different Reasons, but These Three Matchup Green Bay at Minnesota That Week One Close As You Can Get to a Division Defining Game in Week One. The Vikings Were Not Reported. Vikings Now Have the inside Track at the End of the North the Packers When It Gets Same Old Same Old. Just Penciling Rogers of the Packers and for the Division Title One, Two or Three Seated That in the NFC. I Got to Arizona to Dynamic Quarterbacking Playmakers Category. Patrick Holds Both with Issues on Where Was Their Star Receiver from Last Year Tyree Quezada Campus That He Obviously Be Watching on TV Suspended for Arizona.

The Regulars in the Chargers in the Division of All Divisions in Football This Year.

The AFC West Has a Huge Matchup Right out the Gate at Los Angeles Justin Herbert Derek Car Mate.

I Was Making His Raters Debuted Delicious Late Window for Us on the Rental I Went with the Chargers to Win the AFC West Avenue I'm Going Chargers. If You Want to Dark Horse AFC Candidate for the Super Bowl. I Think the Church Is Good. Chargers Had a Little Bit Better of a Home-Field Advantage. We Also on TV and Heard on TV.

How, Sometimes, so by Stadium with a Charger Old Game Can Get Invaded by These Teams and Bases That Want to Go to Los Angeles for a Weekend and Wanted Your Game and That There Might Be Tickets Available for Them. Like the Chargers Had a Little Bit Better Home-Field Advantage. I Would Feel Stronger about That Picture in It They Can Play in the West, I Would Feel Stronger about That Dialogue.

The Chargers Roster Top and Bottom. I Love Brandon Staley and That Coaching Staff Now Couple Years under Their Belt. I Think They Could Be the Team to Beat in the Division and Maybe in the Conference Tomorrow for Scott Hansen before He Let Them Run Box Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. The Big Question Is This It for Tom Brady since His Final Year I've Never Predicted This before the People Been Saying This for 10 Years I Don't. I'm Not to Try to Predict When He Retires, but This Year I Finally Get a Feeling like This Is It for TB 12 and All the Leaves Are There, but It Is a Fools Errand to Try and Determine When the Greatest Quarterback of All Time Is Going to Do Something or Not Do Something Because If Going Back Five Years Ago and the Stat That He Had Last Season Yelled Second in the MVP Race and Lead the League in Passing One like It's Insane. So You Know, Could He Find Some News after Some Renewed Zest by Mid Season or Late February When He's Making His Decision. Again, I Can't.

I Would Put It Back but Got You Got to Say Yes or No. I'd Probably Be with You and Say Yeah I Think This Is Tom Last Year Really Do Think That He Really Didn't Mean It for a Little While during the 40 Day Retirement That He Had Early in the Off-Season Be Fun to Watch the Box and What A Lot Of People Think of the Lesser of the Two Conferences the Boxer to Be Right in the Thick of Things Again in the NFC Jackson End up Getting a Contract Extension with the Ravens Are You Trying to Play Somewhere Else Made It Crazy. I Was Really Disappointed to Not Hear the News That I Want Great Things for Great Players and You Gotta Think That the Ravens Had an Offer on the Table That Had to Be in the Hundred and 15 Million+ Guaranteed Neighborhood for the Last Couple of Big Quarterback Contract Had No Hundred and 60 Something, but a Course That the DeShawn Watson Contract the Market You so III Was Really Going to Debate That They Can Come to an Agreement of Hope It Doesn't Have Any Type of Injuries This Year and It Sounds like the Ravens Will Be Able to Rattle the Favor of the Franchise Tag Not Only Next Year but Maybe for the Next Two Years. You Were Not in a Cry for You by the End of This Year. He Will Made about $40 Million in the NFL.

It's Not like It If That Is Life Isn't Going to Be without without $200 Contract. I Don't Know Why I Can't Answer That If the How Well Did You Play This Year Doesn't Get Injured This Year, Everything Could Change for Him in the Next Five Months Blasting Alaska Scott Hansen Someone Is so Firmly on the Air You Make People Wanted to Know When You're so Exciting in Your Delivery. I've Always Wondered This, All the Years You Been Doing This.

What's Your Favorite Moment on Red Zone.

At Risk of Sounding like You Know I'm a Parent for Tom Brady, but My Favorite Moment of My Favorite Show Is the Next One. Staff and I Come Out Of the Know in Week One Here and We Talked A Lot.

It's Good to Be like You Know the End of 2001 a Space Odyssey. The Stanley Kubrick Movie like You See a Vision You See the Stars You See the Universe and I Can't Wait to Rock 'n' Roll, 1 O'clock on Sunday You Scott Hansen Host the Event of a Red Zone Which Airs Every Sunday Afternoon.

For More Information on Red Zone. Scott Have a Great Season. We Appreciated That You Enjoyed Your Will on Sunday

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