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NFL Over/Unders (Hour 2)

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August 31, 2022 8:23 pm

NFL Over/Unders (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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August 31, 2022 8:23 pm

Over/under NFL win projections l Which top dog in college football will miss the College Football Playoff?

The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton

From the Rockbridge studios but they look to purchase a new home refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage could help you get there from on solutions that fit your life well rocket can covet up our 24 now we have an interview for you as a got a chance earlier today to chat with Arun Donaldson will play that for you at 8:20 PM Eastern, 5:20 PM Pacific book. Let me get a little NFL music and will go a little higher or lower here so Ricky tell me about this list. The athletic released what is it wind simulation. Is that what it is. Basically took the odds probability the schedule and mapped it out and repeated it in the hundred thousand times while for the most common outcome for a teams win total a teams record for this is, that's what you'll get numbers like for example the first one here the Packers 11.4 that's it that's obscene on the records can be attainable because 11.4, which is possible to get going forth of the line worked on the demon ╝ no mercy. I usually see that in Detroit later and if you take that on the second judge. I'm sure you would for three quarters when the game I guess there we go, but the Falcons alike to eliminate that fourth-quarter net Super Bowl be champion told in a better is a lot of games will history where if you have a bad first quarter or if you just found a way to finish in the fourth quarter man. The history of the league of a lot different that is for sure, so they hundred thousand simulations for the most accurate prediction for each teams win total.

The season can you imagine having to be the person that's in charge of this. I'm sure it's multiple people without however they do their simulations and you gotta go through this. What you said 100,000 times hundred thousand time to sit there with Madden and just simulate the season. But what's the actual semi had no idea. I'm like computers are advancing. I hope by this point I could say simulate how many times you say 100,000. They say okay will get back to you in what happened on the 93rd try what the record of the Vikings was on the 93rd spin on the simulation that's important to break this stuff down. Maybe all off-season or just playing like the 2014 EA Council ballgame with updated rosters this how are you sober now college football benefit Madden this I was can work out the sports Punjab trustees and project your play Madden free seam a hunch that the house since half the guys take Illinois known fever pitch when Jimmy Fallon goes down that depression kind of road when it comes the Boston Red Sox and just sitting in the chair and he's watching the Bill Buckner play over and over and over and over again if you actually had to simulate this 100,000 times. It was one person in charge of that that person will look like Jimmy Fallon fever pitch and that bad bad scene within his buddies have to go get, and they have to give him a shower for water on his face and give up on a coffee. But anyway, given the numbers, it will stop at SunStar with Vivi highest win total that is projected Beatty Buffalo Bills at 11.6 wins going around up 12 and five I go get the 13 ones so song to go higher, slightly higher.

I think the bills are the best team in the NFL out to be a fun matchup to open up the year bills up against the Rams. The bills then the best team in football and in the AFC that division. I think people are good, to say the AFC East is good because of how dominant Buffalo is the Pats and Dolphins are fringe playoff teams. I think both the Pats and Dolphins are to miss the playoffs. Forget about the Jets there still years away. Citing buffaloes who take advantage of that AFC East and that team is just so well-rounded and so talented they bring in the Super Bowl experience Yvonne Miller. They wanted a better quarterback to the game in Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis loves love that 20 at wide receiver who knows who else they could add maybe they go at Odell Beckham Junior's wide receiver number three I think the guy that 11.6 wins noted by Jay Adams.

No problem. According to the computers for the Packers are the second highest win total projected at 11.4.

I place a little wager over the and Arielle obscene was sitting here and she throughout the number 10 1/2 was to win total on the Packers and I said I'll take the over there. Don't forget to get to 11 so I am very confident that wagers get ahead that you're saying. 11.4, so if I want to take the higher road. Here they gotta get to a bare minimum of 12 points.

Yes sir yet again to get the 12 wins that division lien stank not buying-to them. The bears are are even worse are to finish in dead last.

The Vikings that they think is right. W98 playoff team. I would say the NFC. I know there is no more about the atoms you got a top-five quarterback in the sport East on the top three team in the NFC in the Packers. So yeah, the Packers will will get the 12 wins the off-season, darling.

I guess another computer darling the Dallas Cowboys alongside the Chiefs.

Odell's first both of the third highest win totals at 10.6 they're saying the cowboys of a higher win total in the Rams and the regulation.

That's right, you know what the Rams were buddies I can get a thing as a 10.4. Double check. Okay, so it's makes no sense to me what's going on with these computers take a key Rams are behind the cowboys. The drama Dallas choke in cowboys in the simulation that you said occurred over 100,000 times will that's a rough simulation, that's Rolf. The lower part on the cowboys. I think Bill 10.6.

I think they'll be a 10 when team I think they'll be like 10 and seven they could they could get 11 blogger 10 and seven that will fit into that not one of the NFC's and then being a wildcard team this year in the NFL offense, align issues, no more Marty Cooper. I'll say that their attendance and football team this year of the Chiefs had 10.60. Same thing higher chiefs will get to 11. I know they lost Tyree kill you solve the whole disease. The human eraser got Travis Kelsey defense questionable. Especially now without Taira Matthew the honey badger that they'll be fine because they have a home. So that's 11 ones. Box 10.5 Rams 10.1. To answer your I was the cat was schedule softer than those two. I don't care what the schedule is Are you to the cowboys and the second best team in the NFC ticket. Absolutely not a real winter also does reflect sometimes does one save you. These are schedule to win more games aren't you not like the first phase schedule is always a tougher I will will the cowboys don't adversely schedule fantasies of the visualizer picture so I just look at it. The cowboys are that there is no way that I think I would ever look at the cowboys this year consider to be Super Bowl team. The Eagles this year.

There are seasons of their support team. I could only see three teams on the NFC getting to the Super Bowl Tampa. The Rams and the Packers and I think that's a huge storyline entering this year who's good to be that 14 is in the foreground is the Cardinals as of the Vikings is the Eagles as of the cowboys who's good to be that 14 not to be a bit? This year the Odyssey okay next interesting team.

The Vikings projected 9.7 to think would be enough to get the plow, higher, lower. I hate 9.7 because that's like right on the money is there in between her if everything goes right, nine and 10 all say they go die today to make the postseasons I will go lower and they will make the playoffs with nine wins because the NFC East of the NFC is just not a well-rounded conference.

The computers of the latest to be continuing to disrespect the bangles they their Wintel project to be 9.5. It's weird to say this but now our program does not take any Cincinnati Bengals disrespect last year. If you would've said you are on the bangles bandwagon. I would say what the heck are you talking about going into the season finishing forth everything goes right, maybe finishing third Super Bowl if they could just erase that fourth-quarter that will insuperable a better team. After three quarters and now they have an offense of line banged up a little bit, but you get Leo Collins yeah Alex I like Ted Kara's lighting is a very underrated offense ally material things live in this league. Yeah this could be a team that they'll get higher than on halflings.

They will be double-digit when team this year and their quarterbacks great in Jonesboro and you got a got a got a love Jamar Jason Abbott, the agents go they love you, but the other teams reasonable wide receiver is because they have Jamar Jason was non-that's a deadly one-two punch the computers right in. This team is to be hotter inside the building that is going to be outside the desert.

That's the Cardinals. Everyone has contract extensions that true but if time Cliff Murray Bell got paid I and if they're saying 8.7 wins in your send out an looking around at the numbers eight and 99 in a team. I got a factor in Hopkins being out a lot for the first 6 inches big boss. Now I will say even though I don't think he's the same quality of quarterback, but with his contract. I don't hear any excuses you have enough talent to go make the playoffs this year in a bad NFC known to remake the excuse for our lodgers or does. That's about the atoms anymore knowingly remaking Susan back to homes who doesn't have Tyree kill anymore or you shouldn't be an the good thing for Kyle Hartley's you get the answer Hopkins back from homes you'll get back Tyree kill for Rogers.

You don't get back about the atoms for calamari after the first six games of the season you will get back DeAndre Hopkins 80 and we gonna do that.

Schedule two to the first six weeks on the show before I'll go higher they got at the higher right to get the nine now I'm just fine looking over your work bag in the Cardinals just a bit of finish above 500 boy Hopkins.

This little bit and also the uncertainty of the health of calamari to going to pay him lunch is on saying you can't drive very angry. I will telephone the year that will make the playoffs this year that will be a total total disaster Italians 8.6 is there average for the computers. I don't think they're making the playoffs this year. Millie G. Brown, no Ryan, you have a frying pan L you wish you to have Brian Tannehill trail on Burks out of the wood is good to be like Robert Woods said looking around Josh Gordon Derek can resist that. Okay, what is Josh Gordon at this point in the team for five weeks and we cut unfortunately defense is good. I like Grable at other variables. A phenomenal coach by man. There is to be a lot of teams that are nine and 810 and seven I think in the AFC that I just get a miss out. I'll give the slight edge on the higher side here of 8.6 and think they'll be one of those nine or 10 when teams that have a miss the playoffs this year and there's always another reason why go higher optic in the culture when the AFC South this year, which I hate to do it.

The cold stew with the Colts to best and that's that's a point then someone's got the benefit inside that division and I can guarantee you this. It's not to be the Texans evocative in the Jaguars so the higher on a .6. Same number 8.6 for your beloved patriots.

I think the Pats this year to be either 89 98 when I don't know. Have you looked at the patriot schedule yet. No I'm not okay. I have because obviously my picture fan in the first like 10 or 11 weeks. They're good have to come out really strong because down the stretch. That's that schedule gets ugly.

You play Miami is on even level with you.

You play Pittsburgh who made sure Barsky beats my football team.

Man, that's got to be a Roth. September 19 chauffeurs that killed then you get Baltimore good team but using play Baltimore well then you get Green Bay tough team then you get Detroit should be aware Brown superset should be a win.

Bears should be a win check should be a win Colts close game by week jets and that's the first 11 weeks of the season weeks out of schedule other than Green Bay and Baltimore there is really no that makes you shaking your boots, even though I just did indeed get to go when the AFC South that after week 11 you play Minnesota Buffalo Arizona Raiders bangles and you end the year with the dolphins and the bills they got to come out firing the first 92 1011 weeks of the season. I think that's been on a date.

So I will slightly go higher on the .6 slightly slightly 18 you have been very higher 18 that people I've been talking about a lot this year. The loss Vegas rated peters are saying $8.3 computers on to say something Baker Mayfield Maia said this week but after Ma video from the Raiders nine wins bare minimum on 8.3 adhesively higher higher higher higher roof is the ceiling higher higher higher you're going high on Las Vegas. Are you high on Carolina number seven will Baker Mayfield. More importantly, that he rule hopefully hopefully hopefully hold a healthy healthy healthy healthy healthy run CMC that's it.

It's sort of a pitch number. I don't think they can to make the playoffs. I can see them be in an eight when Timo nor JosÚ 710.

Lower while yeah like that while you know okay do that intentionally. I want to most myself, what we say no to the intentional Bush doesn't work that's for you, not me. You can't trust that you spoke it into existence Corso style. I hired a higher number. You see, opposing headgear, and sits there since there is a show I was in no way, there's a double bird as they were going the home to crowd around us. Finally, the lowest projected win total of any team is the New York Jets at four points. Seven they will be the worst team in the FL. That is the model saying the bill be the worst team in the NFL.

If I take higher identified five lenses what your sign. Yes, with Joe Flaccus starting at least we ravens loss week one brown like a probably loss week two bangles loss week three Pittsburgh week for the debut of Kenny Pickett in my opinion, and loss. Dolphins like us at your own five packers loss on six Broncos will be well. Let's get the bills get water to wins in the first nine weeks. Maybe the one we are through the grace of five young one went to the first nine weeks since some analysts say that in the off-season, they're going to the jet schedule alike gather season to be over the first nine weeks.

I remember seeing Jeff into going nuts someone when in the first nine weeks to lose week 11.1 demands a passenger. Okay, sir, was there three more think they're better than the Bears Vikings. No bills.

No lie.

Like toss of game Jaguars okay two or three or two or three is 41450 more than I can take all three lines, Jaguars and probably not right up until that week 15 stretch I have the Bears one went before week nine. They beat the Pats one time. So what's a week 11 slats three and they take two out of three from Detroit Jacksonville and Seattle.

That's why when director okay.

We found five colossal duties involve yeah five. I would not go to Vegas with that but I'll take the higher end of the jets that Jill chose to be a sports radio listening to the second Guild show college football is back baby and right now in the AP poll to start the season drama one Ohio State to Georgia three and Clemson for the rest of the top 10 Notre Dame five Texas A&M six Utah seven Michigan eight Oklahoma nine Baylor 10 just teams that were considering without saying yet who were to move out to get in the college football playoff Hickey yes or no Notre Dame. I don't think Notre Dame is good to be in the college football playoff. I do believe Ohio State will win the game. This week I'll dig.

It's good to be 70 1/2 points like Vegas says I think Notre Dame will be good. I just don't think there to be top forwarded and not under consideration for me. Great Texas A&M because of their quarterback situation. I don't think they're ready to jump into the top for another beat Alabama last year on that game-winning cake, Alabama, Georgia, are just better teams not buying A&M for the top four this year to inconsistent on with you Utah. I know you're buying him. I will deftly give some consideration to Utah Kyle Winningham and Kam rising. I know the law. Some of the defense, but they sold that have very good defenses year so let's get to Michigan I'll say Michigan has a shot to get back to college football playoff.

I think it's good to be Ohio State out of the Big Ten. But if it's not Ohio State then it's good to be Michigan substance Michigan to be the second best team in the Big Ten either in the same division as Ohio State. I'll give consideration to Michigan currency other quarterback situation plays out also that you think it's good to be JJ McCarthy.

Once the season really gets on the way the not just plain cupcake team after cupcake team I am out I Michigan I don't think I'll be in the conversation this year. Oklahoma I think there deftly in the conversation. They could deftly get in the top four in a big 12. That's really Oklahoma and Baylor. In my estimation, and Oklahoma. You have Dylan Gabriel as your quarterback I like Brent Venables. I'll put consideration for Oklahoma agreed absolutely Baylor consideration for them now. Their quarterback gets a full season.

I like the brands a lot, you know there to play some good defense.

I will have consideration for Baylor. And, as well. Anyone else you give consideration to USC in the second best team in the pack 12 US easy to make the top four but if it's not Utah, don't you have to give consideration to USC. Is there any other school you consider Lindo I like Tennessee allotting to be a lot better than people's think, but you play Alabama and Georgia rescheduled it of your split that's that's you're asking the state yes while I allotting to put up a lot of points here, but the Corvette is a tough schedule where you play Alabama and Georgia probably one of them again. ACC cadence officer just said bleep West Virginia not an option. Miami year one Mario crystal ball and treat like the court. I can tell you van Dyck and the ACC is open by Devon NC state are in the mix and you say to Timo should include yes. Also, there is what they beat Clemson last year, Hornsby coach good coach good program you will be more personable and interviews well. He is advisor was a consequence of alimony and you would think it is as if his dog just died or something is at a funeral.

I think whatever reason, is that a more he was not happy is because that miserable how Dr. Wilmore. I'm not a believer in this team.

I don't think will be the Big Ten champion to get what about Wisconsin know I just don't love the coach.

I don't trust the quarterback and the team is all within the way they're built, it's never it's always good enough to be around 910 wins never delete right, the elite teams can win it with defense anymore. Not that their defense is good to be better than what Georgia was lashed out to be jackass three earlier in the season.

Remember Georgia play Clemson and George's offense really didn't do anything that came, and eventually throughout the year. That offense took off in Stetson Bennett proved out to be a pretty damn good quarterback. So we get teams that were considering for the college football playoff. If you had to take one out between Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and Clemson. I'm to remove Clemson if I had to take one out. I do think I hate to go talk exploring the likes going chalk, but I had to guess, it's probably Alabama Ohio State Georgia Clemson if I had to take one out.

I would probably put in Oklahoma right now would be my read, but I would say if I had to remove one from the top for the AP right now to not make the college football playoff would be Clemson just because even the last year about the jungle light was good to be unbelievable that we had Roddy Jones on he thinks did you enjoy setting to make it the entire season. You just change all offensive and defensive coordinators offense align Stella? I would say Clemson is the one team even though they play in the easiest conference compared to the three other teams that are in this conversation I would say Clemson as a teen I would remove I'm with you. I also moved Georgia your roof until yes they lost too much for your top four is Bama Ohio State Utah Oklahoma for serving its overview top four in the playoff diving that actually good for coachable they will juice if we could get to teams that we didn't probably say okay there to get in before the start of the season or not you me and I think a lot of people naturally. Now it's not inconceivable for Utah to get it is not inconceivable for Oklahoma again. I just talked about. If it's not one of those those four schools I would consider Oklahoma writing that would be good for college football and also even though the semifinal games may suck. That sounds to me like it has all the makings of Alabama Ohio State in the national championship game, and that's my one wish for this upcoming college football season other than Penn State just to have all these would like your ear are just one wish.

And then there's four for in the NFL.

The cultivators another 35 Penn State was a little tongue-in-cheek. I said I wanted to see the Pats beat the Dolphins. I said I wanted the Colts to lose to Carson once. That would be fun this year. I had one other good revenge 10 Baker to beat the Browns so that a few wishes in the NFL.

But when it comes to college football this year other than my temple.

I will so just have a pulse this year and hopefully clear the 2 1/2 wins at their predicament to get in Stan Drayton's first year, Mike Gunkel, you better watch out.

What do lights go big one and he invited me to the game in the interview get you down there for the first game of the season back and said to get onto the field. Then you come to the game and don't plan I and you are working early on Friday is a fun and I gave her Saturday but I don't know.

Actually I think it's tomorrow all. It was originally that weekend.

It was either Saturday or Friday and then on to it was really Saturday moved to Friday. It's a Friday. Get your done at six have coach uncle Mitchell PJ off at some of your plan plans Friday night.

Friday I'm going to make game Friday night like I love them. I'm going to Mraz's on Saturday to watch college football get some station bonding around here some station camaraderie and then Sunday I got what it private jet down a German back goes down below calls the hotline at 855-2124 CBS coach, you better be listening and you better be calling if he calls the hotline and says Gelb will get you on a private jet down to Duke in an temple where my temple Polo on the Duke private jet.

But then they have to try to convince me that after the liquor get a lot convince you to watch your mother.

That's a nice gesture. They should be aligned and dined as well. We promote national network. I like my cocoa nice job and at Texas A&M II thought he should of been the coach when they hired that bum Ron Carey by yeah it's mild to moderate your telling me is give me a random school. The Big Ten like I think of Michigan I think of us can stay because I was going in the Lascaux Illinois Yuma PE friend Michelle calls up goes hot to kick he got to be a fighting line.

I fan will even have Brad Underwood come pick you up maybe a Coca-Cola burned to ill basketball feel to it and will wind Donya gotta be rooting for Illinois defense that you tell me your you become if I lean not to see or fraud your hypocrite to stop coming after me.

You may say getting wined and dined to go to the game.

I was confused. I thought, now that's a roofer do something just go to the game and not enough that's fine okay know that you made to the blues and the food had to be on top of just the private jet to get you to go to gain a roofer. That's why was okay know that they want me to refer to God, our compounding two different things lie so fair okay I'll think that that's crazy of a statement right there.

12 is now on this. This 30 under 30 was this year from temple that they screw me again after someone nominated me once again that I may never work temple sure to get on the year except they do have two more years. 30 under the ask him only 28th. I got two more years there will Walmart enter the under 30. Surges account. I think it's 30 and under age 30 under 30 Isaac 40 and oh yeah you're right it is under 30 think the kids right you know what is going rare dictation show one math class with Dr. Raymond Coughlan. They want to denominate you with in their math skills we can put this kind this year.

When you find out, I'll know so I got informed that I was nominated I don't know when yet they actually reveal the list for the last few years I got nominated professors of nominated me your national talk shows. You should get all so you saw the list last year things in the medical field will be more.

How many people on that list. Did you see them go right. I should be on ahead of them.

How many people were on the humble life for five or six yeah 5%. You know I love some of the athletes that get on to compare up against an NFL player, and you started with the medical field absolutely read but you know there's a couple of dogs on there that do not level your product sorry it's chocolate milk and I will say I hype up the school more than anyone nationally by Kevin Gandhi fair so show me some love.

Yes, you want to put them on and then he left 17 days after become the coach does more zoom off have any pull with the oh you know what I want to get authentically in image I want to get in a genuinely how this works is if I told him about to get on the phone and say what had gotten a list. I think he had observed my biggest fans zoom off.

I love zoom off left: I shouldn't have to advocate for this. I think if you want to barely enough you will you call Brandon being cut.

Dion Dawkins cutout Medicare, which is about 40 under 40 and like animals that was good. You want that. I think it's just happened. I put this, I go to temple football game every year and nothing comes of it all you water DME University and two layers. This can commit is something is missing here. There is a missing part of the story because there's no reason why gondolas maybe listen a little bit and is not really not really my kinda guy behind the representation of the University Essien noun to be screwed because someone very close with them happy for Max McGee just became a SportsCenter anchor.

You know he's got all he may be over 30.

That's BS because it's like a little television ready like none of them actually he's a great guy. I've nothing negative to say about Max, but this whole thing is a builder was 31. I think he's older. I I'd I do think he's older. But if if so then I got another year. Let's hope he's 29 to 30, back to update to some of the biggest doors, all the sports was somebody recall it's in the newsgroup listening to the second Guild show daily news brief: open ports and compasses, sports and you will know you all you will will will write because when you struggle last government site all go put freelancer when Trey land struggles.

I think you will have fewer but you will have some people say what Jimmy G.

The organization, though, unless you have an injury to Trey Lance should start Trey Lance for all 17 games you made this move you make the decision to go to Trey, Lance, you made the move to aggressively treat up to go get about three he sat for a year.

Jimmy G is good not great you go on to your future. Turn the page you hope maybe make the playoffs this year. If you don't build the experience gets you to quickly be a great team once again the following year content on on not keeping Jimmy G could hurt Trey Lance all roll and become an option until it was clear know that not work out? Is when do you get the whole to Trey, Lance, if you're Kyle Shanahan, Trey lances from like I just said he's eternal 17 games. I wonder though, in Kyle Shanahan's mind.

How long the lease it it it actually is for Trey lances are maybe being na´ve on with you I think you place on 17 unless it's injury related. I'll negative me for that place will be clear, I think he should play all 17 I don't know if he will think you. I hope you're right be the right decision for the 49ers Jerry Jones, one of his 1000 interviews on a great station. Want to fight through the fan says the Cowboys need to make a deep playoff run this season will I continue mind, we need to not only get the playoffs so we got a chance to think it is a merit pay decision like scoring Go grotto is just so clear that this is setting up for Mike McCarthy to get fired at the end of the year make the playoffs this year but he will not do enough of the postseason to justify keeping him around and then you can enter enter the conversation a visit. Sean paid and is it Dan Quinn who will be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but I don't think it will be Mike McCarthy, a year from now. Jerry Jones is the Cowboys 2022. Identity will be running the ball.

Here he goes again want to fight through the plan. Another person will then we hoped one that football more than we read it in the last few years and will be critical that but we also need to be able to one block we should be one block one block is correct. If you're dealing with an experienced lamb and so we should block not putting down the importance of a good run game in Dallas need to have a good run game, but the identity of that team is going to be back Prescott seek is no longer great still good. Tony Pollard has been solid and yes the offense line is in question. So yeah, he would think okay just run run run run run, but you need DAC to earn that money this year. That's what it's going to come down to the other day. Cynthia Freeland says Baker Maple is fired up to play the Browns in week one and this was on the around the NFL podcast I want to feel like I'm so excited to see you like kick some butt especially week one I like.

Cannot wait any use of expletives and I was like I just hope you like racing I'm get up them up them up as that was quote was so Baker Mayfield was asked to respond to that that I look zero Baker Maple that whatever story they want is for years, but he knows that I wasn't wanting to never change no deftly said no problem with him saying that he's get up with the Browns. Ryan is walking that back since that's Baker's personality right yeah I guess Masons want like a little bit for the game hilltop. That's what I said the Baker Mayfield that then I know Baker Mayfield being scared big guy really grabs his junk directed at the other team plants a flag in the middle the field says bleep you keep on talking Baker Mayfield, so good. It's gotten to the spot walking this back now is that him maybe being a little bit afraid of the team that is on right now going to be consulting. I will say kids only for the guy that's responsive now corrected. He rarely talks junk before the game.

It's always either during or after. I will say I think he deftly said you don't know I said okay but this is great Joe Flack go talks about how his kids talk smacked in the someone Jets drive will will will will you you will is going to be in the house, bring it to the dinner table every night. You think I suck you think I stink because now I'm old and decrepit as a quarterback Super Bowl MVP, shut your mouth I will be scheduling a public for five you want more for that plate respects the role of the peanuts I would operate if I was Joe Flack Keaton's office tried to fire up the pick crowd at a pep rally today for the big game up against West Virginia.

I like that West Virginia on home. Ron, it's a Morte part day for Sterling Martha what you got a fight for your right thumb was that you were the seven line when I see that that's a okay nice home run to nothing but to return nothing. Good job that's up to Dr. Mark stoops says a few Kentucky plays a be suspended and then said nope. I never said that I expect to have multiple suspensions but I don't know a really long dresses next week, expect maybe one of next week but will will see how that goes. Suspended, you did your unavailable that he said suspension that they got suspended yet he did coach I will been there when you say things and you go summons that brings back I never said that but that was the question prior. This wasn't as if it was for five questions later, in a press conference like Mark stoops G so that's a bad answer that's in his brief, what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination because they offer free battery testing and charging unreliable replacement batteries and they've always got your battery solution.

Get in the zone AutoZone coming up 25 minutes from now will play their view that we did earlier today with Arun Donald.

You don't want to miss it.

But on the other side. We got a tap in to Arun Donald NFC West for all talk about the AFC West were the expectations of the teams inside the NFC West for this upcoming football season.

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