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Concern In Charm City? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 3, 2022 10:07 pm

Concern In Charm City? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 3, 2022 10:07 pm

Onsides/Offsides l Should there be concern with the Ravens? l Closing Bell


Regarding the former radio programs I killed Joe Sabia sports radio Cody live from the rocket mortgage sorted studios by the old to purchase a new home refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage can help you get there.

Problem solutions that fit your life well rocket hand five questions. Vyvanse is a funny place five more seconds we call the segment on size offside how to kick you sex taking on the Lazy Susan supports side of the line of scrimmage will begin the following: size so you yes sports radio. Zach UNIDO my pal mi amigo guy Bella row row row that you can call for Steelers fans have a color for a while and they got their wish.

Finally, on Sunday, as Kenny Pickett did make you easy role of the tongue chain I should feel of a bad for Mitch is that you don't really have a chance because so much fun putting Pickett. I agree week one, even though you're on the road to start screaming those terrible towel fans.

They travel everywhere that they do and they got their wish. Finally, Mitch Stravinsky was bench to start the second half. Jablonski was benched. Kenny Pickett did come in. Although the Steelers did venture lose the Jets and I came but not gain the rookie to complete 10 of 13 passes for hundred 20 RT recorded two rushing touchdowns. We did also throw three pack add to the more true than not bad three picks overall. Today Zach, it was announced that Kenny think will be the starter for the Steelers moving forward on such off-site Kenny Pickett, barring injury, will remain the starter for the Steelers for the rest of the season not forget where you at on this. I know it's only been 34 weeks. Did you think it was the wrong decision to start Jablonski. I know I thought they sure started and I thought he was going to start your boss yes I know I want to make Chad to be honest once it was got. I thought you'd play better than he did.

I thought he would either. Can you get in. I thought the week it's a 14 or 15 I with three or four games left not with 13 games left not have a lot of dear dear dear dear dear friends that covered the talk about sales are played for the Brian McFadden Cordell store Ramon Foster and I told them all Jablonski stinks Jablonski socks Jablonski has no upside to the field eventually. But you got the kid right now you got yet is not that the veteran right now. Mr. Barsky had a great argument on what mature Barsky was good.

Now, if you recall, I have a little steak dinner that Brian McFadden and he said to me on this radio show that regardless of who starts this year for the Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers even if they started your bus to start the year were going to make the playoffs.

I will text our pal Brian McFadden not to come. He said the seasons over in terms of making the playoffs. I told him I would Artie start to sharpen up that steak knife can't wait to have little steak dinner with them and after that I got no response. He called the season over four games into the season not want to quote him correctly because a man of integrity. Mr. black and yellow Mr. stealer. I texted him both our teams suck even though I can't be mad about losing the Packers in OT with the third string quarterback and he said you guys should've won that game. But my Steelers are going I didn't respond. They go yeah we should build needed to have the play calls on third and five and over time to play calls and 35 and over time ago for a flight is poured on territories like the past, miss the playoffs this year. Got up at Mac though in a position to succeed next year needed to number one wide receiver, and then he said to me yes because your wide receiver so I said all number two or three wide receivers. He goes at what he said my Steelers are done.

That was the exact quote and then I talked to my stake in Moji and did tell nothing to sharpen my stick. He's on the show multiple times since the draft at least three was just going to say and almost every time you brought it up, and every time he's been optimistic cocky I just got a almost arrogant to the point of I guy you have no idea what you about the cold. That's all he speaks about the Steelers dry I remembered so so fondly and you even said to me at the draft. He screwed that you waited for him to leave, but you said he screwed he doesn't know what he's getting himself into because last year you went to the same thing when I tried to give you fair warning about your team and your peers blessed in thumbnails and in the morning of the bed. Just as I know you guys have a side bet differently about who will make the Super Bowl Ist to make the Super Bowl Ist right patriot Steelers.

I may be by the time you have to actually payoff that that only 28 years old and then the other bed was. He said the Steelers making a plastic Dragon even if y'all start mature Barsky and he goes don't call him to Barsky shown some respect. Okay and he goes yes to make the playoffs.

Either way I would serve as a record between the patriots and the Steelers are just flat-out make the playoffs. You might see my hatred. What is right, will sample put his money where his Baptist time to pay up now, he may make Babel see that she pays off Rosselli's start saving now if you think soon I never got them from just this is not to suggest the smart Maddie ducked out he saw like the tab raise enough. Please let me Kenny Pickett, barring injury, remain the starter for the rest of the season on such is once again I ask you to simple question. What is the upside of growing to mature Barsky again upside zero.

Thank you, dear, what's the bottom. I was just going to say I don't know if he plays bad if you place really bad. I go make a switch play the king. We don't know Kenny think it's good to be great. We don't really want quarterback when the first round. That means the other 31 teams and zero company that either didn't need a court record zero competence really in any of these quarterbacks so let's see what the kids got to continue okay will see that was assured of anything going on that was bad thought about saying something like, okay, and of the Senate's risky will not start again for the ceiling is just a quick reminder.

I know a lot of you probably don't care about my back but I care about my bed. I five dollars to 170 parlay Jefferson Junior touched on Matthew Stafford touchdown Jefferson Junior artist touchdown for not is up 73 against the Rams and now the Rams are in the red zone as Cooper cup second Jim that's close.

If this does stand to be right at the 20 don't even see challenge of on the Rams and hike the football very quickly. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go look at what's going and it's an end around and it's down to the nine or a guideline for a first down I would not now be believed first and goal down to the one making for single that on fourth and goal: Matthew Stafford's number.

A little school that's just me going. Your bet would benefit my facing. The benefits are on the same team here. Nobody cares about your in things people do care about the bills, overcame a 20 to 3 deficit to beat the ravens 2320 on Sunday that come back in part was a lot because late in the fourth quarter on fourth and goal for the bills to you are there with the game tied 20 to 20 John Harper like to go for on fourth down instead of kicking the field-goal Amar Jackson pass in the back coriander was intercepted on Buffalo subsequently went right down the field kinky when you feel go in no time left to win the game after the game Harper was asked about the decision.

He said going forward. He made that call because three points right there is not going to win the game on-site draw sides. John Harbaugh going for it on fourth and goal was the right decision.

I'm saying it was the wrong decision. So I go off side. Your offense was doing nothing and that second-half really for the last three quarters of that game. I think you take the pointer defense of a dry before they did force a three out against Buffalo. I know the defense allowed them to march all the way down the field to go kick the game-winning field of they wanted to touch on they could of got it by. I do think in a close game like that down a little over four minutes ago.

You take the three and and you go from there. Sunday saw a few teams continue their disappointing start to the season. The Broncos lost to the previously winless Raiders 3220 30 the Panthers. Their offensive struggles continue they lost the pan they lost to the Cardinals 2616. In that gave Baker Mayfield through two pics and that rules seem as Dallas 24 straight games when their opponent scored 17 or more points will the Colts, they fell to the Titans 2417 is Matt Ryan turn the ball over two times what was that the Colts, I was actually confused at line 2, and one is their beautiful record now against somehow the Texans the Jaguars the Chiefs and the Titans go figure 1, the font size or sides NZ men. The Colts have been the biggest disappointment of these three teams so far this season.

Those three things out of those three to your city and felt too girly and fells well now the 13th Panthers that I think would make the plan for the year started, I didn't think they'd be one though. After their first four games in Indianapolis. I thought by process of elimination, they will win the AFC South but never thought they were really good team to begin with, and the Broncos I think were to make the playoffs this year, but without easy that schedule is the first four weeks for them to be too into and have no life all offensively.

Yeah out of those three teams there. The biggest disappointment use of the cult of the biggest part of this. Those three teams as parts of this year so far and off-site.

I Alabama separately Rams got the fourth and goal they were really moving the football they took the field-goal cell seven kinky receipts like the online badge of a shaman help us out here. I would actually put John Woolford Stafford is left anything to kill you) anything at anytime touchdown on the same team now and for short or Stafford to throw the football up in the air, catching himself now are talking beautiful in it on that one for sure Alabama Zach on Saturday suffered a big scare. Bryson went down the second quarter with a shoulder sprain. He did not return into the game, they did get a big boost my backup cord I jail mill row who stepped in nicely to engineer the tied to a 4926 win over number 20 Arkansas on the road early today. Nick Sabin said that young is day to day without giving any more details now testing. Oh that he did him and Bill Belichick for the same tree.

She could not tell Alabama this week just set audio later of Sabin. We got it when everyone we have we have it play that audio.

Yes sir right now and I will get back to the question. This was the question about when you get very frustrated when asked if you will design a specific offense of package for Jim no real euros to put a new one. The government now disclosing my employer usual one on all talk again. Donald talk to Jimbo on a regular basis, but I'll call him until you guys think I want to tell you what were going to do with our offense and our team muzzle Microsoft starts all today were headlines in the paper the normal to keep secret what were going to do with rice. That's it sounded like me making that statement, but it never said that but it was there in black and white like so you can make up whatever you want to make a look at somebody else's want to quarterback and slightly poison bodily simple question why is he getting so annoyed by the headline that he's getting keep it a secret price young to the player not the biggest lock of the century that we will not know who starting quarterback for Alabama until Alabama's first drive again saying you disagree with that me yes no no no I'm with you about its classic Nick was also due here his interview Jenny Dr. the game Jenny Dell I saw this on twitter. I didn't listen to it, but the way that it was described was she asked about the team and he then said how would you ask about the team she asked what did you see her how proud to be the resiliency your see a team show once price went down about you know what you see how proud I am and how they responded back to adversity.

This is a hostile crowd price. I think you answered the exact question you wonder why this guys getting mad at the media gets better.

The question I am usually a fan of Sabin.

I like Sabin I think Sabin is usually funny with the media since Saturday. Those were two jackass. I just called coach I still love I so love seeing the dominance of Alabama to Wells.

Do you think he saw Bill Belichick making funny if you want to call it unless you billing is being kinda serious with.

I'm not a doctor I'm I can read the MRI and Nikos alternative that seems to come out tomorrow. Prescott go our quarterback price young is day two day I'm not a doctor, I gotta read the MRI report day to day asked me about the people you asked me about the tape to obtain and obtain no I don't Bryson take no, I embrace that is for sure. So, speaking of rice. Young Alabama will host A&M this weekend should be a juicy match of quarterbacking that the Crimson Tide, Alabama, 5000 again saying that lock its notice I don't talk to Jimbo on the regular is what he said shot Jimbo, I hate your guts. Even Larry, my mouth. First you respond that I necessarily screwed this week. I'll beat you with yet quarterback I'll tell you my game plan on selling the place to be to leave the playbook in your office, you still beat me up Bob and you beat me last year but you won't beat me again that should be a very very fun match on prime time on CBS next week. By the way. After that game 330 is not that I give my 8 o'clock CBS double-header once a year. This is it prime time Bryant Denny same should be a raucous atmosphere to say the least.

Assuming they get by texting in this week was a should.

Next week, and they go on the road to Knoxville and take on number eight Tennessee on central site Zach Alabama needs price young to be both Texas A&M and Tennessee and is the key word and on thoughts they could be A&M without price young Tennessee topper task with how good and finally Zach in a shocking move yesterday Wisconsin. I coach Paul Chris became the power five head coach three fired in season as a baggers made the move. Following what was embarrassing 3410 loss Illinois on Saturday Wisconsin this season is chewing through but overall the eight years that Chris is a Madison. He compiled a 67 and 26 record, including winning three Big Ten West titles now if you go back a few years ago, different school same situation Nebraska deadbolt play winning and Boboli action very similar record. He was 66 and 27 to 1. When less then now Paul Chris at Wisconsin. As you know, since Phibro Pliny the Cornhuskers have never been able to get back just that level of success, let alone surpass on-site or off-site.

Zach Wisconsin record -wise relevancy was closer to Nebraska 567 when Stratus stratosphere compared to Ohio State the next five years to me.

Of Wisconsin will be closer to Nebraska that Ohio State yes now are any of these things ever to be really close to Ohio State in terms of being able to take them down and find a way to get victory in meaningful game but yet Wisconsin is better position that Nebraska and there's a lot of work to just make Nebraska competent where Wisconsin is a competent program so I will trust Wisconsin over Nebraska in order to get close Ohio State which both had cold probably still couldn't touch Ohio State these days. So you on-site executive CBS sports radio calls next at 552124 CBS 855-212-4227. Also, when we return. We gotta take a look at the disappointing to them to start by the Baltimore Ravens people. Samuel, by the way just went for a 50 yard score catch and run and that will be a touchdowns of the extra point is good.

It will be 14 2649 or so on the ramps listening to the sex show try car care needs to guarantee low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts. I think there's three games from yesterday that really elicit a big-time reaction so the cheese Buccaneers game just domination by Kansas City. That's take number one Kansas City. If anyone had doubts about them through the meat on the off-season the first 3 to 4 weeks of the season. Yeah, I know that one game, then into Indianapolis but with the state in the AFC not being as great as what we thought it was Kansas City looks like a force to be reckoned with the other buffalo it to take some of the buccal ravens game. Buffalo wings again that they probably should a loss, but good teams find a way to not allow losing streak and win a game when they don't play their best and then for the Baltimore Ravens that it is concerning that at home. Nonroad home. They have now blown to big-time leads where they were up 35 to 14 up against the Dolphins and then up 20 to 3 up against the bills and they just shut down.

How concerned are you with the ravens because I'll do that AFC North bangles are all into now thereto into Brown's. I just lost a Falcons or two into and then getting into a tougher part of their schedule and Pittsburgh there just not a good team.

The ravens could've done some serious damage, and they could be, and probably should be for no is that concerning to you because offensively with Dobbins back unimaginably great yesterday but he's really good tight and eventually a big left tackle back as long as Amar Jackson stays healthy think their offense is good be fine defensively though there's been problems big-time problems as well. It is a little concerning the star because it still earlier but are you, like you mentioned research to get the caliber of offenses in the AFC mean you can get stops now late in the year when these teams should be writing into form.

Even more, that's running the real kind of panic. Will said in wiretap yakking a stop since going to be tied to charter slashers had outscored the opponent. That's not really a feasible way to be all the general clout to make a fun class and talent on the defensive, sizable, it's not as if you look at that Rossi go out this roster defensively stinks and maybe it's an adjustment because Whitewater was there for years look at the job with Martindale doing the talent in New York that the town in Baltimore has and that the applicant's grace competition with the giant Martindale credit that was a move where as the timings of the message, run, run its course. You need to change love that move. What happened to bring in someone that made you think all my goodness gracious man. They got drastically better at that spot, especially when the move is made after year which injuries were the biggest reason for the miss of the plasma defense shocking the parents just like bad ski Molex of the messaging selling every single defense back. I had was out for the year. At some point like yeah so you get more bang.then the injuries that they had writer all over the place such weather like John with you like to move or just questionable because injuries were their biggest downfall not ski more or philosophy that you bring back Mike McDonald was at Michigan and before that he was in Baltimore's organization for a while so it's not you bring in someone that's foreign and that is never been a part of an organization and that he was gone for one year.

What is that machine did a great job at Michigan defense and is a young up-and-coming coach knowing his mid-30s, but a quick Martindale has a lot of class sleep for defensive coordinator usually know many defensive coordinators in terms of nationally when you try to simplify everything on the scale that everyone knows that it may never be head coach. But you look at the defense of the first four weeks they lost two games because their defense. You can make the case and yeah the offense he to show up after the first quarter they really did nothing yesterday for the Baltimore Ravens will market the interception. I personally think that they shouldn't have gone for just taking the field on that spot. But I am at that coach Baltimore Ravens. By the way, I knew you phone call from the sky tonight is Jane Alaska here's my ears, my, my question whenever the raters when Jay is fired up when you start the year: three.

Even the most optimistic Raiders fan that I know he can't be jumping for joy because the Broncos right now their bad football team, even though there only two into on the year to say Jay is still annoyed with this football team. Now you you scream Jay, did you get a sense of where Jay was at slightly. So what's your take care you would be correct. There is not an overt and joyous perspective it still the more noise Jane Alaska. Let's hear what Jay sounds like the back.

I'm doing since I know the radio show on Monday and I know what it's like to now be like you because my football team is out of it. I haven't had to deal with that pretty much the better part of 20 years. So I'm just a life as an NFL fan, a regular NFL fan walking to the yo-yo yo-yo waterslide, every now like to do something like that died. I got two things for you and give me a couple minutes all minute. All all laid out melted to pick up beer so I been watching college football.

You know like you and you know everybody's been worried about. We were the next quarter.

And you know I like knob football coach for tenure watching Laura Green from the killer. His name from Texas Tech for lightning injured quarterback. All work amazing their wedding, they can make plays with their feet and I figured I would be. I think the state of the quarterback play in the next couple years were going to be amazing. More and more amazing outlook and become adept so you see them out quickly. The quarterback Taylor Gruber Boise State. I have not seen enough of any had one like 10 passing attempts to connect game against San Diego State. I know we real football at time so I do not know how he is football but you mom make her after a few game but Anthony Richardson is the other quarterback that you said who is eligible for the draft you know what I know he's been there since 2020 and this is first full year as a starter Anthony Richardson made a big big splash against Utah and ever since that game I have not seen the buzz or the same type this there's potential there.

I got to see more consistency from Anthony Richardson. Here we go to the NFL draft this year. I would think, but I see JD router Bryce Young, and it will absent a playground against Ole Miss, but those really been the three quarterbacks and for the most for this upcoming NFL draft but yet what your next point quickly. You know your your helping New England. He had probably okay. Yes, we have nothing to people on an old but I'm not played their cards on either but one thing that the both of them have a ability to recognize the deep integrated defense pretty well.

Their cartridges but reasonably competent quarterback got a dollar not as good as strong but pretty close.

You know, in the in the same atmosphere. Okay great wide receiver and he like in New England, Bell called back and it took them 12 weeks to figure out what you freaking kidding me.

You give the ball to Dr. Jacobs 28 times what you were in the freaking game Jay and I'm not to be an apologist here for for Josh McDaniels and thanks for the phone call I maybe he's just a guy who's only a good offense of coordinator, not a good head coach now you having a problem. The playcalling that's fair. But let's be real when you're behind in the game are not to be able to run the football as much as you want this week and they were able play with the lead in play out in front. That's like go give Josh Jacobson football 28 times against Tennessee to come on back against the charge in the come on back Arizona you want to make the case think of the football. But Martha gave it to 19 times. Okay, I can understand that but I'm not getting get on them for not running the football. Enough of the charges game of the Tennessee game bag. Try to get back in the game by throwing the football and car. I know we through Ms. bouquets last year and he deserved it last year about the crap that he went through that guy is not a franchise quarterback is not a top thing at times you think like them only start to say he takes 10 steps backwards with the way that contract is structured I said last week and I'll say it again, he will not be on that team after the 2023 season day to take a quarterback in the draft of your son is freshman quarterbacks on the country okay just going to the Boise State quarterback so to show you that you don't really believe in car even though Jay has been a vocal supporter of car throughout the years, I will come on back with the closing bell type stock is booming stock is doing listening to the sex show using the taking stock of the sports world.

It's time to find out closing victory for UCLA there undefeated on the year at five know yet over 350 total yards of offense and for total touchdowns. The UCLA quarterback to stock up in their victory at begins at the time, number 15 Washington 4030 DJ we underlay what was supposed to replace the sky this year was a big-time career at Clemson, but the last two games did you underlay has silence the haters. Big-time performance against Wake Forest backed up against a big-time performance against NC State DJ we underlay a stock up Oklahoma State nice victory up against Baylor 36 to 25 there so undefeated Spencer Sanders the quarterback to be the Heisman conversation at two total touchdowns in the game ran for 75 yards, 20, 2981 passing yards, a touchdown in the contest but what I saw from Spencer Sanders up against Baylor dispenser center stock up. I can't believe I'm saying this because I thought this was a one hit wonder, and I thought that people wrote them off and he wasn't going to write back, but he keeps on writing back big-time performances.

The Seahawks are doing to Gina Smith. Therefore games this season one and two for about 32 completion percentage of 77.3% over a thousand yards passing six touchdowns and two interceptions.

Russell Olson ain't doing that stock up Gina Smith Cooper rush notice. Starting quarterback one going back to last year three this year.

The cowboys were dead. Don finished one stack Prescott did go down and now he's weathered the storm. The three in one another victory for Cooper rush give him a stock up; Berkeley as long as he could stay healthy. He is bad. Stock up sacrum. Berkeley, the Philadelphia Eagles, they were down 14 to nothing. They come back. And not only come back. They covered the spread good teams when great teams cover this and guess what the Eagles are great team player for all and I got to give a shout out the two guys miles Sanders what is Penn State running back up party 27 carries on 34 yards and two touchdowns also to reset for 22 yards and then my guy T for Temple you assign Reddick had two sacks to strip sax and two fumble recoveries. The sun and also miles Sanders stopped up picking say with fire fire together now know he's going to get fired. I just want chance I like Frank but there's no chili deadweight.

There is no choice. Hi against the Texans. That's basically loss has never wanted Jacksonville and is loss for street. The Tennessee Stockton Jeff Collins fired last week his Georgia Tech team and this week the longer the coach goes to Pittsburgh was a good program on ACC last year and they beat Pittsburgh that's a bad reflection on Jeff Collins stock down just outside Baker Mayfield. The only reason he started next week as Caroline has nothing else to small ball get batted down the line of scrimmage ball getting deflected, picked off by the other team and then after the game he goes. Oh yeah we fed off the fans booing and we scored a touchdown. Jill lost the game and in the first half you didn't score a touchdown when the court is trying to Lasher defended Baker because he was playing hurt. I can't defend them anymore stock the New York Mets. All they had to man my friend Hickey said it like your daughter just got shot or something. Yes we start the show what I seem so depressed. You seemed really upset the end of the Colts loss and the Mets loss plan that was just sadness followed by kick in the groin. Yeah, insurers are and I was confident. Season with the ground insurance or facet leads in all those games you can't win one bleeping game.

The bats are terrible but naked McKinley Janssen select the terrible job.

Another break stock down to the nuts Congress fired Wisconsin to give him a stock that Oklahoma football will Hickey.

I hate to do this and I know it seems I compile on you but last week before the Kansas State game.

I may or may not of been listening to a very fine radio program that broadcast in this amenity seems to be a sports radio affiliate Sirius XM to 158 and the Odyssey app and they call that show the Ryan Hickey show the right key show on CBS sports radio.

I suggested to you that you should do a hot take to keep our youth not listen but you keep on spewing hot takes and you are really optimistic on September 24 about Oklahoma and how they will make up well since then they lost the Kansas state characters on and then they just got there doors blown off by TCU 55 to 24 they lose Hildebrandt Venables first year, a big job. The expectations I get that. But this guys a defensive wizard. The rough loss to TCU and back to back weeks. It was the Kansas state as well in climate is 13 last three or four times in his career up against Oklahoma is the head coach at Kansas State but Oklahoma for stock down even worse than last week was on Saturday. I did listen this weekend a few things. Number one I say this is integrity right, I will.

I have no reason on the show last week. I did the same thing. Kind of like small takeaways is that it's Georgia and everyone else.

Georgia difference for 50 minutes to lose in a resume. More during that Missouri game was big cat in Chase Daniel Larry at that pay problems bar tabs. Holy cow. I also said that my counsel plow hopes are all alive including Oklahoma. They got to get there doors blown off of TCU so I double down Oklahoma that do not go well. So those two takes in the span of 12 hours aged terribly. Yeah know it. Give yourself stock and finally my guy Bill Belichick victory for up against the Green Bay Packers.

But here's why you play with Bailey's appy should of been starting the game over Bryan's thinking where not only that, over time you can get the ball back to Rogers. She stopped them onto not stopping twice third and 55 they ran the football there or throwing again but the ball Bailey's appy's hand and go when the game on fourth down or advance the ball down the field. I don't jump onto the football back to Rogers.

You can't do it defense played well.

I know it's a good effort for the patriots by they should have gone for on fourth and five, so stock tumbled out and killed show on CBS sports radio 49ers 14 g six with 1037 to go in the third quarter and the ranches got a first down balls at midfield there was a streaker that ran on the field right before halftime. Right before the end of the first after the start of the third quarter Bobby Wagoner checked the streaker. I just retweeted out of my social media at Zach Gelb on twitter CCH GLD haptic a great job as always, thank you to everyone: was it again tomorrow. We have a five

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