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1+1=3? (Hour 4)

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September 6, 2022 10:09 pm

1+1=3? (Hour 4)

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September 6, 2022 10:09 pm

Harry Douglas, former NFL wide receiver/ESPN college football analyst l Believing the hype or not for a few NFL teams l Closing Bell


Barbarity a program that's right it is that killed Joe coast-to-coast on CBS sports radio company alive from the rocket mortgage Studios will be looking to purchase a new home refinance yours. Rocket mortgage get up to get there from on solutions that fit your life rocket can swap to men, a man that played his college ball at Louisville. He is the 2008 third round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons 84th overall plate is at a poker at the Falcons and the Tennessee Titans and not as a great job for ESPN that is Harry Douglas, Harry, but while you been all build a bomb doing great. I gotta start off with Clemson. The offense line was horrible. Receivers drop in football's left and right. Did you long delay did not play well look at the future of constant football for the season, because I would greatly at the game last night right here in Atlanta. All people are like you did not play will take the bait laid the light all start, but also gotta get credit take the base to make plays and make that Clint's office looks really and about 953 and second quarters when Clinton probably got there first test failed but I think if it was a four block client struggled throughout, they gain the rest of the game. Just being honest.

Wilkinson received the better DJD want lady have to be better as well. The defense with Clemson actually held that team down moving for consideration. They have a new officer coordinated Avenue defense. According to but a decent fitness of the offense missed everything just like they with Mr. Lashley early in the season that he found a group last year. Late in the season of the middle of the year 20 in field one can gain. But if they were playing an opponent.

Think how wordy last night that would've been the philosopher Timothy just cannot afford. I'm hoping they can get you get it together but the more consistency at the quarterback position and we actually seen a little bit in the third quarter of the third quarter, all in within the game 32 situation BJ. You may know all outstanding plate not getting set the ball back to Will Shipley would later go down to get a first down and they actually scored a touchdown that drive amid 24 to 10, but right now it any other team in the ACC. I'm looking at Clemson last letter say you know what God just like last year, we have a chance to win the ACC like a club. Nick will eventually take over the jungle later this year. Listen, he looked good when he came in last night and understood that it was garbage time, but if DJ can't be consistent and start dancing football games.

Dabo Sweeney uses Clemson offense.

You have to take a look at talking Harry Douglas right now is that guilds on CBS sports radio. It's so bizarre when you get impressed by the national champions on the first game this season when the defendant in their ground. I'm not telling you origin is a great team that your clear there weren't 11 best team in the country with the AP ranking was man was I impressed in your with what George was able to do both and I think that's invented mainly for me. The defense will look like the defense of last year and not with the talent but still being able to make plays in the leg bone niche look silly one at what point will grow up to be the quarterback. Everyone expected to be working out of a career and him having that wing when he was at all the organ of the first game of the year so everyone had these high expectations and watching his father wanted to point Sanders in the end zone presence of the Lord. Or whatnot, but when I look at George and I looked at the young man is competent to build another level war so that it was last year and is confident that he had this year I seen literally in one game action of the national championship. You know we got a new fresh cut walking around with a different Penzance to himself or others love to see and I've even tweeted by God, choking a little bit but cannot be as clear as to who bought all the people may continue to play like this in the past the letter back to the mill to the Macintosh of the three tidying the wood Gilbert brought flowers and the receivers that McCarthy Mitchell, those guys for making plays another year within the system playing standout football. I think man is this all that at some point have to pick up some of the defensively because they did lose a lot of grass of the National Football League. You gotta think that it got in the context of fastening point that you bring up because usually when a team is a national championship. We just wonder if they're going to be complacent the next season Stetson Betty got disrespected even headed into this season and I think that motivates that team a little bit because their sandwich. The national championship with the guy get that is credit well you know it was Labor Day weekend right. Monday was Labor Day and you know usually on holidays. Sunday Saturday. The mill delivered a Cytomel made of the liberal holidays right you want the mailman delivered this weekend so if you deliver the mail on Monday which was yesterday late Harry Douglas here were thoughtfully get to LSU on the demoralizing way to lose a football game scene from Brian Kelly here in your number one with the Tigers with his family as he would say I say body language. I think body language is everything your energy is everything right now I don't like when players have bad body language in advance of the like it when coaches had put the camera right Kelly is like his body language wasn't exciting. It was it energized somehow that the real cochlear football team in the post-interview understand players gotta go out there make play but I need more accountability on the countryside as well. Now he's family got a coach better, but I need more than calling to be a little stronger towards the coaching staff special-teams was horrible. I think only got actually changed with him from Notre Dame was the special-teams coat so special things La Follette football game. But did you see a guy like Chuck okay that's your best player. Ostensibly, you need to finally begin the football.

I don't care how you do it from the moment you start again for the moment again is over you figure out how to get the best played football by any means necessary questions of Brian Kelly's a good coach but you just wonder appeased the right fit and LSU. It seems as if he's trying too hard will come from down south and in the places down south of the total different ball in the north.

Southern hospitality people eat, sleep and poop football and they want you to win a wheelchair about anything down here it's about winning and yesterday LSU lost a football game that they should have worn and now right now stands alone on another level. Douglas right now. I love that I saw from Anthony Richardson what you think the ceiling in Florida this year so a lot of people are just now getting on the Richardson tray. I was on the train early last year when I think Dan Loveless should not have been planning and regional initiative and plan Anthony Richardson the young man 642 30 between two 3235. Reminds me of a guy named Tim. I think he is more athletic and cam Newton I think mechanically he's a little bit better as well.

But when you have a guy straight out to Billy Napier I think is a perfect marriage to him and if Richardson wanted to supply a lot of people.

They have a game coming up this weekend against Kentucky. We all remember laughter laughter up in Lexington Wildcats went crazy. What I didn't remember thinking that didn't did with them in a game of it is the richest in the quarterback. He's looking forward to this game this weekend at the swap to right opponent CCE show down. I went to see Anthony Richardson will be a cop chanting next year's NFL draft. Bought my work you say top 10 pack 30 B may be the number one overall pick could he jump a shroud could he jump Bryce young there's a possibility to think about those two guys is that you have a few days travel I think is phenomenal. You see Notre Dame go cover zero blitzing in the third quarter when Ohio State was down 17 and if he thinks out the cipher" touchdown in a moment when they really needed it. You see in Scrabble and making unbelievable plays a throw to continue drive.

I think she's a silent fundamentals standpoint is a little bit about everybody else and the wicked Bryce young. He had a little bit questionable by a lot of people at the Richardson he had it all. I think more fundamental sought leave to get a little bit better not say that he doesn't have it. That doesn't have it, but just to get a little bit better and show people show official GM owners that he does have it and having. And I think he has the potential to be in the market over Harry Douglas. The three best teams in the country.

The three best teams Alabama Ohio State in Georgia. How do you rank those three just the way you will. I'll go Alabama number one Georgia number two in Ohio State. There is a lot got Georgia number two was that this all for you to be a lot better on the one thing they not let that be think falloff Alabama good be number one for me. I think they have it not be better off in college football top to top three. You have played makers in the Heisman defensively with the-Québec position. But remember back when Matlab won the Heisman. The following year Reggie Bush won the Heisman don't sleep on you.

I'm telling you he's got I could do it. Rush the football if you do a return in the football and he also can do it in the past days of those people to wrap it up with Harry Douglas right now as I tilts on CBS sports writer get back to the Florida Utah game. I want to game that was in the flipside for Utah yet people talk about college football playoff.

You start the year off their own interception right down at the goal line where the Utes go from here. First thing first to get understand that game came down today and so subtle if they run the table and floor continues to win and slaughters right in a nice addition to the end of season they can have opportunity at the packs will champion. Now they swear they still at play USC leave except organ as well, but working they look good USC have to have Kayla Williams and Joe Addison Wunderlich, the cop awarded Travis got a transfer from Morgan at the runabout position and Lincoln riding Corvette whisper, so it's not bit tough sledding form. You don't want to lose your first game was disappointed. Cam rising that last drive more so than anything that's effortless. Think I will probably expect Madonna, Anthony Richardson, who did make a mistake and did show up 18 moment the camera you have a field goal. Basically your back pocket through Orthodox football.

He got intercepted into get a chance to get to Michigan I think Carbonell believes get to go to JJ McCarthy. I don't have free cupcake games to start the year. I just don't get why they don't go to McCarthy right now and the continued rock 'n' roll came back to bear yet.

I don't like the way they're doing it. If you are going to got going over the got now that I understand what the issue is because Kate McNamara was about last session that won the Big Ten but as a head coach.

If you feel like they think McCarthy is the guy for you and you feel like he's gotta get you over the hall that you start off the year with all this back-and-forth and we never know if it possibly nothing and it is what the locker room from Conaway at some point this goal of who you're going to wait until everyone else to gotta live with that decision. I read that in China placate this game. McCarthy begging because it may create some kind of friction not just between the cornerback between seeming to the locker room as well. The loyalty to some extent the Jim Harbaugh has because just won the Big Ten championship became McNamara one, no one thought you were to do so. Entering last season, but if he can't win the job out right after doing that. It's just it's so obvious he wants to go to McCarthy yeah and so lash out at the Michigan State, Michigan game where there went and bought a lot. He tried the experiment JJ McCarthy in I call it BHU and got a ball intercepted mixing in the list to get they had to come back and they come back with a football game.

I want to see Michigan doing things like that this year, choose who you want to go with. When that quarterback is now playing the game's arteries. Did you play the back somewhat again hurting to go to the backup pickle quarterback stick with that quarterback and live with her decision.

By the way, was the third best team in the SEC you know you like Alabama and Georgia. Zidane ever you go someone else.

I think right now I will go A&M. The thing about the SEC right now we do have a floor that will be able to get this widget you have to cut the other going to be this weekend versus the Florida all you have a Ole Miss you have a Mississippi state. You have Arkansas right now. I want to see about three more weeks from now how these teams start the pan out as we go to see their identities and what they really made of all three faded this office because this is a high jamming also for Tennessee Pittsburgh I think that's to be good in this upcoming weekend. Well that might be upset because I was at the backyard brawl and I thought Pittsburgh was at another level seen the way West Virginia placed them in knowing how the Tennessee love you step forward.I for their as as their head coach called the place that something that Pittsburgh might struggle with, and Tennessee might end up coming out of this thing with victory your thoughts and tumor games for this weekend South Carolina, Arkansas. A little Arkansas. I love Sam what is doing. Take the Jefferson he's the guy with the board to I love the way he played in game one against Cincinnati now want to see them do it again to suck a lot a gamecocks of the second game you mention the other game is not yet we know Alabama's good.

When I think there's a way just how does Texas keep a close up against Alabama.

It is not a habit is not like what you're saying yes I headed for the Logitech M lash that I watched the game three times in one the things that notices that create your thoughts on the football patient.

Right now he's young and he's waiting to see God open and dance on photo football versatile with anticipation in the probably cost him about the retouched. Now you passport there to include things like Alabama. If you do that you have about it, they will individually every second that she way: there football not just patient that that's the situation for Hindley's fax you a cul-de-sac fumble. You also have your that I have a more complex defense that you're going to get going get versus play Louisiana model right so you have to fill with anticipation. I'm pretty sure Sark Sarkisian's inner tell them hey you can't wait to see Maria Teilhard out in the double and assuming that receiver is that inside put in his else I put them in goals that help build a ball possibly go. He held it for about another five or 6 yards. That receiver ran in the phone a ball out of bounds last Harry Douglas wrapping opposes great job from ESPN only get to this inevitable tall game expansion that's going to be happening 2026 may be sooner than that at do you like that the 12 team College football playoff.

I do not think one of the main things that do come to save ACC the big 12, the tax will write this also going to solidified it. Notre Dame doesn't have to join a conference because if you can make, football playoff well what would you do that if you noted that neither indicated they make all kind of money right now at this as a stand also it would be good in the regards of Iraqis, bowl games and when these players will begin drafting the first row second round that they don't have opportunity play for NASA to efficiently set up again. Now you have more teams and you have got to want to play because there is a common goal and I waited to let about his right 2000 can't get another one street Green Bay Packers Anna Rogers Gotti and Pete within the last game of the year. Lastly, what they came up with a Georgia doll blow us out and went on to win the Super Bowl versus the Pittsburgh Steelers you just want to make the tournament at that point.

If you're into school just one big tournament and have opportunity because you never know what tenet you may be planned may be right. Very very hot may have. It may have a down day they made notes about injuries is no telling what can happen and you may be able to prevail in a way to move all possibly go play for the next shift gives to fishes with no telling what you have to endure during the time the one thing though that I can't stand about it and not lie leaned on the side of more know that yes, what, when you have the number is 12 is like last you get Michigan Ohio State that was an all or nothing game in the regular-season driver week. The winter is good to have a chance to still get into the top for now the I know that teens always get to be important to the Michigan Ohio State fan but nationally I feel as if the importance of that game goes down a bit because the loser probably still gets in the college football playoff when you go to 12. No, I don't agree you are really former happily, there's this thing called pride and when you have a prior you have prodded and as a team player. The name on the front. He observes his name on the back of your jersey if it is a ball game and then these two schools only like a miss each other's many right Ohio State called the team up north.

You don't want to lose that game because that's one game that you you want to win within our trust me, I promise. She was is not the end of the game at all, but obviously the fans of Aeschylus to talk about the person that Sodom escape and not Ohio State fan. Just as a neutral viewer. That game isn't as important anymore because they would speak as they could lose like it's a legal point, Michigan. A few weeks later. But even better you get around to Ralph to put photo marble college football that all these regular-season games matter, yes.

But here's the thing in our largest market like donor, the fog is the book good company and one of the things it in his book bullet points is you have to innovate continuously and that's just the way our world is working you have to innovate, you have to adjust to have to grow is all because football is the present tense, as always, thanks much, Robert Harry Douglas joining us. As I tilts on CBS sports writer would come back some national height on the saints who do we talk some sense next you're listening to the second Guild show an exact L John CBS sports radio so some differentiating takes in the national media. Let's discuss international program. Bart Scott thinks James Winston could win the MVP this year. Okay Mike Florio Pro football talk to the power rankings.

I thought this was very put the saints says the 20th team in football. I think there anywhere in that range of what's goal 16 to 20. I think that's fair and Peter King Ryan. King doesn't come off to me as someone that is real. Take the light does not take care of the director of hotcakes. You would not consider Peter King to be hot take artist she's probably one of the more respected voices or writers when it in authoritative voices when it comes the football correct among the suspected and someone who gets a lot of his pics right here at the saints that I read that this was not an onion article. This was not Brent Danny's NBD sports on Kino's NBC Sports. This was Peter King picking the saints to be the number one over the way the division and being the number one overall seed in the NFC 12 and five number one seed in the NFC. Yeah, I don't feel it's possible you want to tell me the saints are to be a wildcard team find. I don't understand how anyone thinks saints inland division was a Brady gets hurt and I don't see how you could put the saints even if you have the box behind him, which I think is jackass three. How you could put the Rands behind the saints and the Packers just for starters, behind the sink you've been very critical of our lives in the Green Bay Packers. There's not a chance in hell that you could put the Packers behind the saints correct among the hundred percent right.

Knowing Heidi you compile the list there for me. Yes, because the saints are getting some high so we will find out if I believe in the hype.

If I don't believe the hype of the teams that pick your name right now type or no hype for disbelieving or not play Mozart at the saints I guess.

Clearly, nonbeliever. I don't think the sensor to make the playoffs talk myself into it Judy Jamieson to play turnover free football. I don't see that happening.

Looks like I'll become hours not to get suspended.

:-) I guess that's always good news for now Michael Thomas. He hasn't played football in two years. I don't know where he's get up yet. I like Charles Landry I love Krista Labbe. I place a bet on Krista Labbe to when all things work in the year, potentially defensive there good but I don't trust the quarterback and I don't trust the coach can they make the class a wildcard team. Yes. Can they be nine and 889 in a crappy NFC and potentially get in.

Yes, but I'm not believing in the saints to be up left you believing in Mike make media the Dolphins the media darling Mike McDaniel said over the weekend which switch thing that I guess the one thing about him and Bill Bella check. Maybe Doug will have an Oklahoma drill him and him and Billy love Devon Oklahoma drill. In the Dolphins and this media darling Mike McDaniel, everyone's loving him and asked what you love about them always speaks less IA's funny what you like about them as a football coach Tommy sports to I can get something to commit to run the football I get I'm not believe in the Dolphins going to be horrible but I don't believe there to be a playoff team this year about the Chargers. Some people say Justin Everett the best quarterback in the who said that again online Harris), the receipt and CBSSports had adjusted her as her number one quarterback. Oh yeah which were not sure if it's coming into the year or at the end of the year, but either way, they just the right number one at some point. This will be talking to you and I will take shots and other networks that I think it's our own network. We debated that list.

I had no clue what we are actually debating because the list was very ambiguous. He read the description of what bliss is good to be charges of the team. In the words of ours are worsening as are all charges go. I love the charges you I think that when Nancy was.

They are one of the more talented teams in football Herbert to start act was the start keen analysis that I like Mike Williams, a pricey storm with you to give get at the contract somewhere else and defenseman of Jesse Jackson is hurt gecko Mac C got there when James, I think they will be improved defensively and I believe in the hype in the Chargers stick in the AFC West. The Broncos now I'm not believe in the hype because I think this is a Super Bowl about season when you bring in a player of the caliber.

Russell also never tells me there quarterback away.

I don't think they're gonna win the Super Bowl. I don't know when the division if they make the wildcard me to tell you I'm shocked, no but I'm picking them to miss the playoffs this year will bring about previous authors as it is before the show on picking the Broncos to miss the playoffs this year. Just because I do think there's gotta be a stretch to lose three games in a row and you struggle with the new a coach, even though you love Russell Wilson. It is an adjustment. When you bring a new quarterback. I think that's pretty difficult to be outside look at and complete the postseason near a coach new water saver defensive then quarterback out a brand-new deal you hype the raters believe I am. That was a team that dealt with a whole lot last year they made the playoffs and they got better this off-season.

I thought the upgrade in the coach of the year 2022 birds with John Gruden was not the driver to most of his career, which is what he was in 2021. I think McDaniel's a better coach down 2022 and you bring in the Montanans.

I know there's problems of defense questions at linebacker questions in the middle and on the backend as well, but I like the edges here with Chandler Jones and Max cross getting that offense could be a nightmare in the red zone, the Renfro Waller with Josh Jacobs with the bonding atoms I do like deed the Raiders to make the playoffs this year.

Some believe two more both of the NFC, the Eagles, believing in the hype. I believe in the hype on the Eagles.

The question is, becomes the what extent do I think it's a Super Bowl team know but I can say.

The division ever since they traded for Ajay Brown saw market a change on that front also the Cowboys got worse this off-season before the season even started our plan with some injuries to Ron Smith you are counting on are now banged up and is a galley.

It is only getting older and was an old man but he is not look like Zeke from to three years ago and what is Jerry Jones keep on saying after you try to tell us math one plus one equals three or whatever he was doing at that audio clip.

Let me hear from Jerry Jones 1053 the fan because I don't understand his internal optimism. This actually made no sense to me. I believe one and 13. I can't operate were one and one is to LOL although it is physically, but the three years where you have to go you have to have optimism to operate at that world and commit to doing things when you got a count on one and 1B at three and play games. But that's where the biggest payoff store is out there. You could share for everybody to grab everyone and wanted to do, so here you go. Yeah, the Seas to space out that answer ever heard someone try to say has to believe one plus one equals three. Ryan makes no sense to me telling you I don't think the teams that could but I can't say that. So I have to speak into existence and believe the team is great when I don't think the rent I have to believe there to be a Super Bowl contender when they're not Super Bowl contender only way I can interpret that answer when I hear him some likable jackass saying I have to believe one plus one equals three. Using avenues that that saying and saying like, oh Ryan's a sucker because he's trying to tell me one plus one equals three. But he's an idiot and no one actually believes them that I would use that not as like team is not as great as I think it is, but I can't say that's like to say that their great what WTF I was like I said I'm not try to play games as you sit here saying I got ugly this year with plus or .3 that's up again to this is the serious play games but maybe the dumbest audio we've ever played on the show and for Jerry Jones. He's out there and a lot of you know a lot of the possibilities what is this what occurs got that covered another wolf like you know for comment.

What Jerry Jones just said that only in the worst is any started it to and for that's one thing you're talking.

What was on a story for my classroom at the training camp in Oxnard and he was hoisting up the trophy, trying to pretend that it was a Super Bowl trophy that pales in comparison to quote what the heck was that I had to go back. It was that entire interview because if that's what is just making the rounds I get to see what other gems are in that conversation, but this conversation is over. The Eagles yeah believe the hype the fantasies and finally the Vikings incur cousins.

You believe in the hype with the brand-new O head coach Casey. Now I'm seeing someone good morning football this a.m. are picking the Vikings and the division believe in the hype of the Vikings with the division but I am believing the hype of the Vikings to make the playoffs. I don't think there to be great.

I think that we nominate maybe a best 10 and seven and will be a wildcard team in a week NFC exact also CBS portrayal, back on the shot in style with the closing bell type of stock is booming, whose stock is booming and I'll tell you right now you're getting the Jerry Jones audio that may be the best worst audio I've ever heard.

That is definitely I don't even know who to give it a stock up our stock down. It's horrible but it's so funny.

I may give it a stock outline you're listening to the second Guild show another day using the taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out so on the ground. 11 carries 106 yards and three touchdowns. He was surgical up against the Utah Utes and rising through the pic at the end. But let's not forget about the great effort by Anthony Richardson as he gets a victory for the gators in Billy Napier's first game as their head coach, they win 29 to 26 at the time up against the seventh -ranked Utah Utes give a stock up the Anthony Richardson the defensive player of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal credit union probably serves the Armed Forces, the veterans and their families members are the mission learn more and Navy I was defense pulled off an extremely rare feat as they outscored their offense in the Hawkeye 73 when over the South Dakota State on Saturday the jackrabbits defense. According to safeties and help jackrabbits to just 120 yards of total offense. Now I was about to give a stock up Brian to the Iowa defense here stock down to the Iowa offense, but man that is some crappy and I mean crappy offense on some good news here going to be demo Wake Forest starting quarterback Sam Hartman is been medically cleared to return to competition by the school's medical experts is expected to start Saturday, Vanderbilt.

He was silent.

August 10 for the nonfootball related medical condition welcome back Sam Hartman give him a stock up. It's very tough to be impressed by the team that just won the national championship what Georgia though did the defending champs Oregon and just completely destroyed Oregon 49 to 3 was most impressive thing that I saw this past weekend from college football give the Bulldogs stock up Lincoln Riley Caleb Williams Jordan Addison. It was expected that you were going to win and big fashion up against Rice 66 to 14, but you did get your first win with USC Trojans and also he had everyone else in the pack tall pretty much crap the bed Utah going down Oregon going down one a week for USA give stock up to the Trojans. This 12 team playoff like I don't like it going to 12 teams I don't like expanding the college will play if you or I would've gone to eight I keep on harping back to I think it takes away from these big rivalry games. All drivers will be important but I like when the robbery is the team that wins they go to the championship game, the conference championship game or they continue their hopes and aspirations get the gospel playoff night at the big Marquis games were most likely the loser is still good to get into the college football player. I do not love that all fixed when the conference championship games as well. I'm given a stock down to 2026, but it still could be as early as 2024, 20, 25, were going to a 12 team college football playoff stock down okay my producer extraordinaire hot take taking deliverance of hotcakes three or four in the morning Friday into Saturday. He is doing this segment on his national radio program that you can listen to the hot take Hickey chiming the Brian Hickey show Friday into Saturdays that Saturday mornings 5:58 AM Eastern time 11 PM to 3 AM Pacific and he's doing this little bit week to give McCauley 552124 CBS Eva five 212-4227.

Each and every week you go up against them and picks of the first-ever Hickey's pinkies on CBS sports radio didn't go the way of hot take Josh will start with the big one here.

Number 11 Oregon taken on number three Georgia neutral Cyprus physical name for Georgia dogs favored by 17 points. I think they probably are going to cover Georgia.

I look over I I'm going Oregon. He was Dan Lanning knowing kind of the Georgia offense and the defense is a lot of talent writing they can keep it close at making people within seven teams all go the jocks to cover Cincinnati on the road at number 19 Arkansas the hogs are favored by 6 1/2 points in Arkansas.

Yeah, I did they lose their quarterback. They did as a writer yeah I agree Florida hosting number seven, Utah. The gators either at home are the underdog here just a 3.0 dog decide to strike fighter take on Utah's number seven the country here Utes. Paul, you know the covers 40 and get upset here. I hate whoever like me to drive you over. Oh really, is there got close on the swamp here will Jan taken the gators to win so wow. Okay. So Gaia forgot cover for him for going straight out right when this is a game I feel most confident about Joshua probably means you're going right here is when I think the five Notre Dame number two Ohio State 17 point favorite. I think Ohio State I think is going to be a close game for the first half.

I don't trust Notre Dame's skill positions at receiver. I don't trust their quarterback and Tyler Buckner yeah I know a number you know to take Notre Dame the cover Notre Dame keeping everything. Think I landed by like 13 probably all right. The Tigers of else you are three-point favorites here you go with your heart, and this figure go with your head as a Florida State fan go with a little bit of the global my heart. I think the nose quarterback we good though.

I think were going to surprise some people want to close one. All right, I know LC here wanted to go one of four high when one is four and Josh in Harrisburg when a perfect five Endo I get this right now we have a new guest picker for Fridays will reveal later in the week so I will be on the spotlight once again going up against Mraz this year on the DHL so you could maybe get some payback on me but saw tickets pinkies inside off of the bag stock down.they take the guy that I saved was now the person around the station for college football is there's always this week okay you stepped up to Sievert about we go behind him are looking at a safe, remember to already Utah type of moment will see if you can read on the table. The rest of the way let's hear an exchange of a press conference earlier today after Brian Kelly's team lost as they got a PAT blocked here is what happened with reporter Brian Kelly. When a reporter showed up a little bit late to the press conference that will will open up this late arriving media crowded most of the enjoy the weekend at usually $10 that we put in the kitty for will have a big bash at the end of the year at my place as it was when it is time that I know it's tough to hear.

The reporter said maybe if you win a game. I'll show up on time that that was the quote that was that was set there. I think that was the quote by rambunctious reporter now. It's disrespectful by the reporter for Brian Kelly. You just lost the game in humiliating fashion ever reporter walks in late and I don't think you need to make mention of it just like the reporter wanted a man, he opened himself up just get the serenity that stock down to Brian Kelly in real quickly. Here is Mike Tomlin announcing his starting quarterback Mr. busy is starting quarterback in our captain that we just really comfortable with Mitch's Sonos is a got it came to us with with franchise quarterback experience. If you will, is comfortable in those shoes is been the focal point of a football team and organization before and give me Mike Tomlin talking about how they originally had Kenny Pickett listed as three and I was actually number two in the chart clerical errors know that was listed at the start of training camp so the cut-and-paste component based component. I know you open for little bit more colorful! It is what it is that's what happened. Yeah, I'm not buying that there was a clerical error there and also you should adjust name Kenny Pickett number one. Maybe there was an arm will find out that was different when that's all the time yesterday to talk tomorrow 6 PM Eastern three Pacific with that cultural effect provide lipase

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