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Shane Beamer, South Carolina Gamecocks Head Football Coach

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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August 23, 2022 9:37 pm

Shane Beamer, South Carolina Gamecocks Head Football Coach

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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August 23, 2022 9:37 pm

Shane Beamer joined Zach to discuss the culture he is trying to build and how Spencer Rattler has fit into the program so far. 


This college football 20 gold college football fix only on the world and we will play the games next weekend were coming to live on the second row from the rocket mortgage studios whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there from own solutions that fit your life rocket can very excited for this upcoming season of South Carolina football. The gamecocks last year had a big victory up against Florida 40 to 17 the capped off their season with a bowl victory up against UNC. Now they have Spencer Rattler and for Shane Beamer will be his second year as the head coach at South Carolina and the HC joins us right now coach appreciate the time. How are you doing great. Appreciate you have me on both. Thanks so much I want to start things off with the video that I saw circulate last week. I'm always a sucker for this type of content when a coach just surprises the kid and rewards him with the scholarship take me through what it meant to give out a scholarship to pay to Mangrum.

You know you're from patent somebody would very deserving somebody. You know, last year are told in on the first opportunity or could be the Mona wanted to because he earned it all played meaningful snaps for phone social teams and on all friend from works really hard and and goes about inductive job on and off the field every single day so you can reward somebody with a scholarship. It's a great feeling and you could tell by the reaction she makes.

They felt the same way about casually just dropped the news on everyone coach the players over that they thought it was very smooth the way that the way that I did it as well so little good and be a cool way to avoid doing that night and the other in a team meeting watching some clips from a practice previously seen the head coach at South Carolina seabed around your entire life we know about your career.

76 a year ago when you look back at last season, what did you learn about yourself with the full year now under your belt at South Carolina's head coach, we know you never even grown up coach you're never truly prepared for what the job entailed until you're actually you know bonded to do it. So every every day you're learning something about a job in Philly every day something that you don't expect the all realize that and throughout the year. The great people around you. What I do with the players and coaches and staff here as well and then you not able to fix it took so much for my dad in the other coaches that work for but you know one thing for my dad to learn the consistency that you have to have a day in day out disposition of all eyes on you and you don't want to get too high or too low after losses back to work every single day and get better I do that but you know certainly being in this role, you will log and you fill in the heightened awareness now because a lot of people are talking about the successful season you had a year ago and don't get to be sleeping on you this year. I don't mean that in a negative way, but it really speaks to what you're able to do in your one short, probably 2021 team to a lot of the adversity we overcame from an injury standpoint still find a way to go from two wins in the seven wins in our first year when a bowl game in North Carolina beat Auburn reported on the stretch of the great way to finish and there is a lot of excitement about South Carolina football right now there are higher expectations we embrace so excited about that. I want to go to the place that had dictation like we do also know we will log the work you know we were ready and consistent team last year. We have to be more consistent with the plan to better overall we did last season. You also realize playing the toughest conference and then in the country and opponents of ours, they don't they're not slowing down either. So we gotta continue to work hard to put herself in addition to being a conversation with God and have success on the field. We can we get what we want to talk to Shane Beamer and coaches South Carolina turn the program around doesn't happen overnight. Even though you guys took a massive step in your number one. Everyone talks about culture and want the culture to be this what you want your culture to be like at South Carolina me that when you talk about that word to me up to meet the environment when somebody walks in our facility. You will feel like and do they feel a certain way and people told me they do to me. That's one you walking a lot of joy and love for each other. People in operable facility day in the day in day out. God want to be adding them want to be a part of for sure and then ending up yesterday. One of our players, they would tell you the place where they know the players and coaches really care about deeply and then everybody talks about that but it's real here, you know without a doubt, and that way we treat people the energy we want to have in this building block for each of the building all sorts and it speaks to what you guys are doing with the way that you guys perform last year because now there's so much change in college football for good. And then also for some bad but earned in the trust of young kids of teenagers and young adults is not easy looks at your program did that pretty quickly. We outnumber us to try to be honest with you guys and be consistent with highs and lows and this and this is my profession in a college football players are below, one of the storm and throughout the good throughout the bad constantly continue to treat people the right way continue to be honest with people continue to hold them accountable and be consistent and that's what we did last thing our players you will appreciate that and it is a different time with transfer portal and whatnot but with the we try to make this a program that people want to be a part of you know we work really hard and that's really not easy being a football player you're at South Carolina but there's a lot of joy and love that goes into it as well that the God want to be here and be a part of this past off-season training camp. You guys can open up next weekend Saturday night going up against Georgia state just what you sense from your kids. This entire off-season when when you're looking and the work that you guys put in upper without a doubt, the desire to be better than what we were last year.

You know, coming from not going to a bowl game for two years and then also the goodwill bowl game last year. Would like you don't forget the work that went into getting bowl eligible work that went into one couple and then get used to the people that are cut back on what a great job they did last season and all that I have not seen that from our God group looks really really hard to love the practice love the work loves to compete and have a strong strong desire to get better and it's been that way since January and continue through our preseason pocket during August. Talk to Shane Beamer. I have a lot of respect for Mark stoops and what he's been able to do Kentucky but even when you're a school like Kentucky people try to put limitations on them what they could do in football just because the nature of the bees plan the best conference in college football people when they talk about your permit allow your number one will see what steps they take in your number two but what you say to people that try to put limitations on your program just because of the respect that people have around the country for what Alabama and Georgia been able to do last year's world unbelievably teleconference to be a part of what we embrace the love that is competitors you want to, you know, my response would be that we've shown here at South Carolina that we can win at the highest level last year as an assistant coach.

We played in the SEC championship game over in Atlanta against Auburn and then after that's even scarier and then talk a lot at 33 top 10 finishes at stake and so we wanted a high high level. We won national championships, year and other sports. Baseball, softball, for example, and there is no reason why you can't do it in football and I got to be the very best in your cop shortly.

Grandma have a chance to do that but we have the resources that we need to do that. We got a pretty base got a great, great academics here got a great city that we let them get great facilities got great people in this program and then trying to continue to elevate this program a little bit each day and I continued to build this program to where we all want to be Shane Beamer here with documents and coach the experiment got a chance to work with them. I was a lesson or two that you learn from. I know that you could probably sit and talk for 30 minutes but give me a few things about coach. We also the one you better have great players and you live great players. During that time as well.

But for me would coach. It was it was realizing how each team will take on in so many ways the personality of their head coach and truly believe that a lot of the success that we had here at South Carolina. It was just because of the competent flag or whatever you want to call it that coach Spurrier carried himself with. You know all that clear fiddle that and inspired no confidence in them to go out, play loose and play free play the game the right way and that we were able to have a lot of a lot of success doing that. We all know what your father was able to accomplish at Virginia Tech and it was really great run for your dad at that university.

When you look back at your time playing form and the coaching with them just for the memories that that come back to mine and what is that relationship mean all these years later truly blessed to have been able to play and coach for him and add some no summary really, really special moments when my senior year of college. My last year playing almost was 1999 we went undefeated in play for the state of the national championship so little storybook finish to my time as a playwright complaint for my dad to be able to go undefeated and be a part of the best season of all history.

Now the weight story and it was not what we wanted Jim should game that still to this day the magical season that was to be a part of this share with my dad and then really just the time you my first year I went back with him as an assistant coach at Virginia Tech.

We played in the championship game played in the sugar bowl and that was awesome and then really for me it was just the opportunity to be with him during his last season as a coach and you know I went back to Virginia to be there for year to year three years that I not be there. Your sister coach with and also thanks so thankful that was because it allowed me to be a part of the 2015 season, which was his last year coach and and go out with him if you will you know when winning the Independence bowl that season and his last college game as a coach, you know better than the other way of being with someone that day Shane Beamer that coach at South Carolina you've been before working with your quarterback a new quarterback Spencer rather back to your days and time at Oklahoma South Carolina fans get in Spencer Rattler very hungry God so loved the work a guy come in here and denigrates ton acclimate himself to our program and our football team and am being a great worker to be a great leader but God no roof for a start. That is a really really good quarterback you notice you lost a game of the starting quarterback for September 2020 and he's a really really great things and excited that these are your thoughts right now and I gotta be connected with him again on about two months ago and I was very impressed with him because we know he has all the physical tools coach but you just wonder how the player responds mentally when you go through getting bench after being a first round by projected first round pick a projected Heisman finalist before last season started being around him just what is he showing you mentally trying to move on from that, you know whatever happened in the past. Think you know that Google wanted to start forming than what were doing office and leave a different system than what you call monthly, quarterly or to learn that and will be the varied authority can be here at Carolina and together and experience it Oklahoma worried he accomplished a lot during his time there. I know you thought about and I know he's eager to get out on the field with us this evening. Keep this thing going. Last thing I want to ask you coaching Beamer adjuster out this summer. Have you sensed a little extra something from a player or two that you just one highlight right now, that we should be paying attention to on the offense of a defense, a sizable not really in a note coach speak literally a lot like this group may both hold out thought of all, we got a much God newcomers coming and transfers first friend that works out about returning players will be improved since the last season the network started about the depth and the competition at every position right now to me is better than what it was last year and coach such exciting coach. We appreciate the time. Thanks so much.

Good luck coming up next weekend against Georgia state law. If you have anyone

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