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How Much $$ To Drink Beer Through A Hot Dog? (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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August 23, 2022 9:25 pm

How Much $$ To Drink Beer Through A Hot Dog? (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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August 23, 2022 9:25 pm

Shane Beamer, South Carolina Gamecocks head football coach l Jay Gruden reaction to interview l How much money would you need to go viral for drinking beer through a hot dog?!?


This college football dear sideline 20 college football fix only on the second season we hear of this weekend, and a full play the games next weekend were coming to live on the second joke from the rocket mortgage Studios. What are you looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there from own solutions that fit your life rocket can very excited for this upcoming season of South Carolina football. The gamecocks last year had a big victory up against Florida 40 to 17 the capped off their season with a bowl victory up against UNC. Now they have Spencer Rattler and for Shane Beamer will be his second year as the head coach at South Carolina and the HC joins us right now coach appreciate the time. How are you doing great.

Appreciate you have me on both. Thanks so much I want to start things off with the video that I saw circulate last week. I'm always a sucker for this type of content when a coach just surprises the kid and rewards him with the scholarship take me through what it meant to give out a scholarship to Pena Mangrum.

You know you're from patent somebody would very deserving somebody that you know last year are told in on the first opportunity I could get a Mona wanted to because he earned it to God all played meaningful snaps for phone social teams and on offense and works really hard and and goes about inductive job on and off the field every single day so you can reward somebody with a scholarship.

It's a great feeling and you could tell by the reaction she makes.

They felt the same way about it casually, just got the news on everyone coach the players told her that they thought it was very smooth the way that the way that I did it as well. So practice a little bit and be a cool way about doing that and the other in a team meeting watching some clips from a practice previously seen the head coach at South Carolina CeBIT around football your entire life we know about your career. 76 a year ago when you look back at last season, what did you learn about yourself with the fall you're now under your belt at South Carolina's head coach. You know me you never even grown up son of a coach, you're never truly prepared for what the job entailed into your actually you know behind the desk and actually doing it. So every every day you're learning something about the job in Philly and every day something that you don't expect the but you know certainly where lies hidden throughout the year that you better have some great people around you. What I do with the players and coaches and staff here as well and then you not able to fix it took so much for my dad in the other coaches that work for but you know one thing for my dad to learn the consistency that you have to have a day in day out in disposition because all eyes on you and you don't want to get too high or too low after losses back to work every single day in and get better and I knew that but you know certainly being in this role, you will and you fill in the heightened awareness now because a lot of people are talking about the successful season you had a year ago and don't get to be sleeping on you this year. I don't mean that in a negative way, but it really speaks to what you're able to do in your one for sure, probably 2021 team didn't do a lot of the adversity we overcame from an injury standpoint still find a way to go from two wins in the seven wins in our first year when a bowl game in North Carolina beat Auburn reported on the stretch with a great way to finish and there is a lot of excitement about South Carolina football right now there are higher expectations and we embrace so excited about that. I want to go to the place that had dictation like we do also know we rely on the work you know we were really inconsistent team last year. We have to be more consistent with the plan to better overall we did last season. You also realize that we play in the toughest conference and then in the country and opponents of ours, they don't they're not slowing down either. So we gotta continue to work hard to put ourselves in position to obtain a conversation with God and have success on the field. We can we get what we want to talk to Shane Beamer and coaches South Carolina turn the program around doesn't happen overnight.

Even though you guys to the masses step in your number one. Everyone talks about culture and want the culture to be this what you want your culture to be like at South Carolina to me that when you talk about that word to me up to meet the environment when somebody walks in our facility. You will feel like and do they feel a certain way and people told me they do to me. That's one you walk a lot of joy and a love for each other. People in operable facility day in the day in day out. God want to be adding them want to be a part of for sure and then ending up yesterday. One of our players, they would tell you the place where they know the players and coaches really care about deeply and then everybody talks about that but it's real here, you know without a doubt that we would treat people the energy we want to have in this building wealth for each of the building all sorts and it speaks to what you guys are doing with the way that you guys perform last year because now there's so much change in college football for good. And then also for some bad but earn the trust of young kids of teenagers and young adults. It is not easy looks at your program did that pretty quickly for us to try to be honest with you guys and be consistent with highs and lows and this and this is my profession, being a college football player five below, one of the storm and throughout the good throughout the bad constantly continue to treat people the right way continue to be honest with people continue to hold him accountable and be consistent and that's what we did last season will bring our players will appreciate that and it is a different time with transfer portal and and whatnot but with thoughts we just try to make this a program that people want to be a part of you know we work really hard and that's really it's not easy being a football player you're at South Carolina but there's a lot of joy and love that goes into it as well that the God want to be here and be a part of this past off-season training camp. You guys can open up next weekend Saturday night going up against Georgia state just what you sense from your kids.

This entire off-season when when you're looking in the work that you guys put in upper without a doubt, the desire to be better than what we were last year.

You know, coming from not going to a bowl game for two years and then also the global game last year.

Would like you don't forget the work that went into getting bowl eligible work that went into one a couple and then get used to the people that are cut back on what a great job they did last season and all that I have not seen that from our God seen a group just looks really really hard to love the practice love the work loves to compete and have a strong strong desire to get better and it's been that way since January and continue through our preseason practice during August. Talk to Shane Beamer a lot of respect for Mark stoops and what he's been able to do Kentucky but even when you're a school like Kentucky people try to put limitations on them what they could do in football just because the nature of the beast plan the best conference in college football people when they talk about your permit allow your number one will see what steps they take in your number two but what you say to people that try to put limitations on your program just because of the respect that people have around the country for what Alabama and Georgia been able to do last year's world unbelievably teleconference to be a part of what we embrace the love that is competitors you want to compete you know my response would be that we've shown here at South Carolina that we can win at the highest level last year as an assistant coach. We played in the SEC championship game over in Atlanta against Auburn and then after that season comes courier and then South Carolina had three straight seasons of our top 10 finishes and I'm not mistaken, so we wanted a high high level. We won national championships, year and other sports. Baseball, softball, for example, and there's no reason why you can't do it in football and I got very best in your cop shortly.

Grandma have a chance to do that but we have the resources that we need to do that. We got a pretty base we got a great, great academics here got a great city that we let them get great facilities like you got great people in this program and then trying to continue to elevate this program a little bit each day and I continued to build this program to where we all want to be Shane Beamer here with documents and coach the experiment got a chance to work with them. I was a lesson or two that you learn from. I know that you could probably center and talk for 30 minutes but give me a few things about coach to be oh so one, you better have great players and great players. During that time as well. But you know for me would coach. It was it was realizing how each team will take on in so many ways the personality of their head coach and truly believe that a lot of the success that we had here at South Carolina. It was just because of the confident swagger whatever you want to call it that coach Spurrier carried himself with you knowing all that clear fiddle that and inspired no confidence in them to go out and play loose and play free play the game the right way and that we were able to have a lot of a lot of success doing that. We all know what your father was able to accomplish at Virginia Tech and it was really great run for your dad at that university.

When you look back at your time playing form in the coaching within just one of the memories that that come back to mine and what is that relationship meet all these years later truly blessed to have been able to play and coach for him and add some no summary really, really special moments when my senior year of college. My last year playing almost 1999 we went undefeated in play for the state of the national championship so well storybook finish to my time as a playwright complaint for my dad to be able to go undefeated and have be a part of the season averaging fixable history.

Now the weight story and it was that we wanted it. – Jim should game that still to this day. What a magical season that was to be a part of this year with my dad and then really just the time you my first year I went back with him as an assistant coach at Virginia Tech. We played in the ACC championship game played in the sugar bowl and that was awesome and then really for me it was just the opportunity to be with him during his last season as a coach and you know I went back to Virginia to be there for year to year three years that I not mean that your sister coach with the and also thanks so thankful that was because it allowed me to be a part of the 2015 season, which was his last year coach and and go out with him if you will you know when winning the Independence bowl that season.

In his last college game as a coach you know I would cut it any other way of being with someone that day Shane Beamer that coach at South Carolina you've been before working with your quarterback a new quarterback Spencer Rattler back to your days and time at Oklahoma South Carolina fans get in Spencer Rattler is very hungry God so loved the work guy come in here and denigrates try and acclimate himself to our program and our football team and being a great worker to be a great leader but God no Cipro for a start. That is a really really good quarterback you notice you lost a game of the starting quarterback for September 2020 and he's a really really great things and excited that these are your thoughts right now and I gotta be connected with him again on about two months ago and I was very impressed with because really has all the physical tools coach but you just wonder how the player responds mentally when you go through getting bench after being a first round by projected first round pick a projected Heisman finalist for last season started being around him just what is he shown you mentally trying to move on from that.

Yeah, now you you know whatever happened in the past.

Think you know have moved on to first start for him and what were doing office, leave a different system than what you call monthly, quarterly or to learn that and will be the very disparity can be here at Carolina and certainly get up and experience it Oklahoma worried he accomplished a lot during this time there.

I know you thought of that, and I'm nobody's eager to get out on the field with us this evening. Keep this thing going. Last thing I want to ask you coaching Beamer adjuster out this summer. Have you sensed a little extra something from a player or two that you just one highlight right now, that we should be paying attention to on the offense of a defense, a sizable not really in a note coach speak literally a lot like the group made multiple… Thought of all we got a much God newcomers the command transfers first friend that works out about returning players that will be improved since the last season that were excited about the depth and the competition at every position right now to me is better than what it was last year and have a coach that's exciting.

We appreciate the time. Thanks so much.

Good luck coming up next weekend against Georgia state. Thanks a lot. If you have anyone there, Shane Beamer, the head football coach at South Carolina gamecocks.

It is, I don't show on CBS sports radio will take a timeout come back after these short messages, listening to the second Guild show don't show on CBS sports radio. You can always follow us on Twitter, and Instagram ads at Gelb's ACH GL BNR network account at CBS sports radio John Burton's brother joined us about an hour 20 go and we had to of course ask him about the report from this past weekend via Dana White that Dana White once was trying to get Tom Brady and the Crocker Rob Gronkowski to Las Vegas, where he owns a luxury box inside the raider stadium and it was John Gruden.

Jay's brother put the kibosh on Brady and Grob going to Las Vegas. This is what J.Crew had to say about that report I saw Dana White had a big news item this weekend. He claims your brother blew up the deal that prevented Brady and gone from being a writer was that the first time you heard that story all you out for your great also. Whatever story is John hello. Derek Catalano located John very good officer. How come back well will have an officer very dangerous as well. Everything I think Tom Brady you better off going to Santa Fe and I are happy still be a writer if you go to the writers you made the same decision, be loyal, the car not bring in the goat town. Brady I don't know. I'm basically good. So if you have a chance to get now managed by Hector Waller is my one ball like Nike contract situation. There are still young quarterback handled the offense very well know Tom Brady. Not at all. Great players like you have here. Their car can be very effective if you hardly ever turn down Tom Brady's love my little effect on the back to watch a film I would have had a chance to get Malik out of the to you and your brother talk about this when the story comes out accused of value, can say is this true or play golf hopeful right now.

Item likely around a bucket hold the finest way to keep dirt out that when I think there Waller, Eric development, Repko made with him before he left was questions off the safety back to back days Lincoln candidate who played for John Gruden works of the team.

Now is the team analyst on the radio and is a writers legend that he thinks Gruden would turn down Brady because a loyalty to car is very well this quarter back. That's what Lincoln Kennedy said now today Jay Gruden John's brother on this show as you just heard talked about the loyalty that Derek car that his brother has for Derek on the Derek car has for his brother's loyalty why this happened, the loyalty to Derek car when a lot of us in the media when just when John Brennan was there was all we did was speculate when John Gruden would give Derek car and taken to the curb. No telling loyalty is a driving factor. No, because only $25 million year's control which Lincoln Kennedy did bring up yesterday. CBA no longer there. Also saw pretty much Aryan sues a great offense of mind just let Brady run that offense. He doesn't know John Greenwood done yet younger and is not the gotta be A-OK with the new guy coming in and basically taken a system in him basically take a step back that's going back to 2020. Brady just turned 45 Talkin three years ago today and have to play a factor here to install a better long-term answer, maybe with Deborah Carr who now differently about their cars what he just did this past year, but for Derek car as he was entering 2020 and you're going to that season not the same way that we talked about their car now which is still just a good quarterback and we don't always get to be a great quarterback grew look at that as a long-term plan potential email can you know it's it's like he was coming off the best year in New England now.

I think a lot of people thought that was more about what was around and then himself.

I don't know if that's necessarily true.

I thought that and I said you're a fool to think that Brady is falling off the cliff just because of this past season.

As I watch all those games wide receiver stunk of the offense aligned with surrenders but a lot of people that just look at box scores and then observe from afar. Brady's lost his fastball, the people realize the water seems me off in London know like decision-makers. I would be in on Jesus, I'm Brady or not, you know.

Yes, I but I do think I'm with you at that point what going 43 right for you to redo you 43. Change you can't teach cannot be a factor. You know we I know you much before we all been predicting and thinking.

This is the info Tom Brady Co. chose a guy thing like real as to how many more years. How much more juices have left. I would think two years would be fair, I think it's fair to and now when you're on a 10 year deal. Remember going on a 10 year deal at the time before the stuff came out.

He's on a 10 year deal, I think it was pretty important to go get some wings there and Brady deftly would've done that right away is Gruden. At that time, we just pull it up. I think what he's of AC year-end two years it Gruden at the time he is two years in because in 2018. They were foreign 1220 1979 phase 2 years into a 10 year deal with the hundred million dollars, $10 million a year. Now 47 is a jump when you're getting paid on a 10 year deal for hundred million dollars.

Yet, take a big big jump do that in 2020. The only increased to 89 and then we know, 20, 21, he was there for five games and then deserve the subject to the to the curb, if I if you're in that spot. I know it's easy to say hindsight is 2020, you kicking Carla Kerber you say no to Brady, who I just wanted to go there. I think it's a lot easier kick their car to the curb specially again.

You said it, it's not how we do Derek car now in a really good year last year got the rater subclass seven and went on. This was we were joking. He bought a house next to John Gruden Vegas. He won't even be in Vegas by that point it was very easy to say see you later.

Car next question.

I grew due by when Jay Gruden said because I saw you made a little facial reaction on the on the last answer that he is not talked to his brother yet about this story that that did break over the weekend. There's no he hasn't talked to about it. I see you also. I think back to Woodley hasn't talked about things he knows back in 2020. They talked about it this year is well aware is no reason to call your brother.

He's already plugged into the right. This is the first time he heard it. Classic jaybird was excellent on the shelf at the football knowledge was great, and if that was that like to say a 1314 minute interview the two minute chunk about this story. I do know which way was good to go.

I personally am fine with the answers but yeah I did roll my eyes a little bit when he's trying to tell us that this is the first I've heard about it or he is not talked to his brother yet about the story follows him out because of the same thing every day there and this is a situation where it looks bad on you for not making the move, so it's not like you I talked to him and yet we talked that in 20 like to head coaches in 2020 think I'm not talking about a look at look like a data look like a signed was good like coaching now in the game are just now two guys talking shop is no way does he come on now. My favorite answer because I would agree with you that he talked his brother about this before. He knew his brother was interested in Brady and then it just didn't happen to put the kibosh on it.

I think this story can catch you by surprise, even though he said this the first time he's heard about it you though always love a little sibling rivalry.

You could always fight with your sibling. But at the end of the day you love them right, you love your sibling but you also fight with your sibling.

I think that's little thing that just on here. John and Jack John Gruden now is getting dragged he's getting dragged for any other reasons, but in the last 72 hours. He's been getting dragged on Dana White was good to get your Brady and Kroc talk even a minute of that story was true and the next thing you know you didn't get them because relative Martha. When I asked Jay if you're one of the writers. At first I thought he was good to be like.

It's a tough question to answer, but he did say at the end and be very tough to pass up on on Tom Brady. I think that's J little sibling rivalry. They're going yeah not to kill my brother. But I will make it clear that I don't want to get your idea and yes I would go Brady over Derek car. It will complement the car but lots of elbows little bit with your brother, John Gruden backing off the man's smart menu no reason to join down there in the misery misery that don't show on CBS sports radio will take a break will become a backer to draft our first year head coaches. There's tight about this year in the NFL will signify that Hickey winds up with in the five that I wind up with this well is in crisis communication presentation and communication and leadership to communicate clearly and encourage me to concentrations and digital communication global listening to the second show whole was mad about the patriots offense of coordinating situation Hickey wait till after the talk to you right now will get to our draft of new head coaches in just a second, you have zero clue what I'm about to bring up you may have one of the worst takes of all time's you have probably did I stutter that you have one of the worst takes of all is that even same thing Telos Craig what the world are you talking about you at one of the worst takes of all time.

You have all indication what about the reference here will especially consider you for everything I say so I think I've sent out last like tenants maybe send me saying you're good to be wrong about something in me disagreeing with what you're saying and then taking it to the extreme of you at one of the worst takes of all time.

The only time I think I've gone to you and said you had were the worst takes of all time, only to it since as I can remember in all the memory that I have me disagreeing with you and just dissecting and going through my brain, like I'm something referencing place from seven years ago is when you said that Carson once was a steal for the Colts and also when last year you were talking about Penn State go to the Big Ten championship game in the college football playoff two times I think I've worst takes of all time ever, and this what I think tops both of because what you tweeted out an hour ago is complete jackass for the Penn State sales emotions. They were highly right.

There is evidence ecstasy and Indy.

As a matter what is this stage talk about the guy with the hot dog gets a straw in the beer at this stage. How much are you needing to pull off this stop.

That is how take Hickey tweeted Hickey's price $500,000 bare minimum. I'm 28 I will forever be known as the hot dog I like to live with this embarrassment for another 60 years. I want the money to be worth it. $500,000 to get a few tweets here why that's what you're considering me the worst take of all times remain embarrassing anomalies and sitting even our boss agrees with the spike asking says forever grind this guy will be anonymous and 24-hour natural percent right here. There are few things that cut through where everyone sees it. Everyone talk about it and it like you know resonates.

This is one of them telling me. Sure next week were talking about the guy not dog gets a strong to be another were talking about it. This is going to anytime he's around if you ever know this guy or find out all this is the I did it. That's the first thing I said with the sky. The rest was this guy could walk past you on your way to work tomorrow and you wouldn't even recognize making.

If you ever find out this is the same guy that will forever follow him wherever he goes, to me known as a guy who drinks beer through a hot dog, straw, do you think all say see the behind the scenes, he turns off his microphone and starts abrading the Mets got one on and then Brett Baty got burned at the plate and you are celebrating is it they got two runs and pumping your face when you look up at the screen you saw. They only got one run base is 72 runs basin not to try to get away from the conversation I need to locked in here… Stand by what you would not recognize this got you saw that was me like I was a guy yesterday but it's it's disgusting.

It's gross. And again, it follows you every if that was you I gave you that was you and you are caught whether states are nine summits exact go viral. Do this using your I do it sharp you will most you may not recognize, you realize all of that's the guy that's never gonna that's you're never going to escape that you will be the hot dog.

I see first thing anyone ever identify all ghettos hosting on the new show today.

My friend met the guy would drink beer after a hot dog that's him it's not always act on the radio show Zach about high school.

It is, that's the guy who drank a year through a hot time and I got my reaction be okay. So you saw the relevant person discussing.

You saw the relevant person. Do you know there are some things I'm telling you think the lady that took chicken finger and a soda. Still, these years later gets regulars will recognize. I don't know which of your find. Yes you do, because one is that all she's a faith I find out what my friends actually chicken finger lady. I will forever unite girls chicken fingerling 500,000 you know you take significantly like to just get as equal of the beating each and every day I am not made fun of for doing something that is repulsive times you get tweets. I was sick to my stomach.

I said I'm not like I'm not even being like hyperbolic here. I literally started like my stomach was churning as you're talking just texted me what was Leroy just texted me the perfect response not stop his response in just the second but supposedly it's called Brendan Tobin is not happy with me because I didn't love is our number to a song think I was that critical. I like the song I listen to them when I drive around Miami going the airport. It was seven the morning in my coffee. It's a baby that did influence that opinion joining those guys on 790 the ticket. One of our great affiliates.

I think there's thought QAM 790 same company number one of the stations but I'll be joining those guys tomorrow at 9:20 AM Eastern and share Brendan Tobin just get his and he will really have anything my guy Leroy Hord can't take Hickey just tweeted out this just texted me this hanky would do it for 20 bucks and a Krispy Kreme he's lying when he says $500,000 you want to go talk smack that Leroy Hord lined up and doing Oklahoma drill put you on your ass.

That's why I would never fight him, but I would say he's on. I don't know what I do for a doughnut and $20.

You can call me hot to kick it. That's what I'm known for finally taking on this. I will absolutely not be known as hot dog that is for damn sure there's care criminal people confidence can be in jail you still use gel taken out of the data from the state saving you.

You know you take this again weigh less than $500,000 to get just as equal of the abuse each and every day you people to tweet you out of nowhere on the regular hot take Hickey said that's authentic.

He said that we will not take Hickey CIs and hapless cults was the course once in the commanders beating each and every day. Only $500,000 a shot to the shop. That's okay, I stand by what I say, some people disagree that's fine.

I did not buy that disgusting.

I think your behavior.

I think you need to go into management's office tomorrow and say I demand $500,000. That's your absolutely should get that on video because I just wonder how quickly spikes as noted by say five narrow, then I need a raise.

By the way, when I heard Brendan Tobin take a few shots at me today and spent like 30 minutes talking about one minute comment that I made. He said something along the lines of I bet you tell doesn't do any phone radio or any entertaining radio or anything outside the box. He probably just breaks down typical quarterbacks and things like that just gave you 10 minutes of Hickey just be a liar going after hot take Hickey now what we don't do necessarily always the traditional radial everyone being a liar I told you I wouldn't tweets I believe it I'm not being a guy.

I'm 20 minimize my land.


I find it being here to lease 90 I call you $50,000 you say no alone.

I'm not doing it dollars. People think social media dollars stadium tomorrow and do the same thing that this hot dog. Thousand dollars. 6500. Can you tell me know you librarians ascended the Internet yell fire in my run 24 hours 48 hours pass one again once I guy wants his family wants his friends made hope is on the dating scene outside and I know this because in the dating scene. Any chance of him getting a date is gonzo talking about what girl would say oh yeah I'm a go start dating the guy who drinks beer for his hot dog a pretty good said absolutely not get saved money doesn't buy happiness by love you want to die young by your data psychopath. I don't girlfriend does place come not do anything near that level of this thing you know I have a stick like teenagers and chicken fingers every day.

Things don't go exploring and NWR down that alley, that's for sure all the crap I say their minimum price is $500,000 half a mill like crazy to me a favor and get your parents on the phone about we kill you if you turn down $100,000 to do this hundred thousand dollars. If you pretend you would do it. I don't know what the equipment now because this is been done so that now the copycats never know it doesn't really matter as much. I know what will I quote DVD equivalent. I don't know. I would only drink beer using hot dog out of a straw. If you pay me $500,000 while drinking a beer and that means you give me $500,000. That's not a life worth living. I'm laughing because we were then just text me shotgun that bleeped for 50 K on ESPN and fell running back that's a man's man, Leroy Hord dollars you know if anything I'm opening up more business for you and you're welcome. Now my price is too high. So if whatever you know.

Socially, I want to go. I want to go by I need I need a volunteer, usually right. Come right down to five dollars $500,000. You know Maggie and Perloff did this today.

They got paid nothing extra item Geo data today on CBSSports never got paid nothing extra to me why discuss God's not say Physically sick to my stomach was churning like he's not that good. I cannot sit there in good conscious in good faith and say you know I'm a so my soul friend if I went to the bank tomorrow and took out $100,000 and put the cash right in front of you, like old-school style with the briefcase and gym bag and threw it right in front of you.

Jim bag full of $100,000 in cash to go to Yankee Stadium and you have to go do this, you're telling me that you wouldn't do it. What is one of your biggest critiques of me.

I dig in my heels on two separate yeah and you just can't admit when you're wrong. It's not just telling you you're absurd for this.

I think this is going to be Will Smith Chris rock ask.

I think this is going to be rice or gold dress that people immediately know exactly time others. Few think that Saturday one's brain thing is gonna be Will Smith slap blue dress gold dress, drinking hot drinking beer through hot dog yeah those third Army in the same vein when it comes to Internet only everyone's mind and are in your smiling at me right through service CBSSports radio with these contrived takes you.

Now you now not even believe in what you're actually saying $500,000 to do this, you said the cash I said no I yeah I'm dead certain, once again, if I bring in the morning. Bring in the cash or not turn it down, bringing the Call law. Return the cash to the bank making a deposit. Hey hey my present moron in the world take back the educated. I got there any bank.

I'm not doing this for real definite. We also have a bank adjacent to the state. If I get to the station to hear it's a 2 foot don't go in there that's a problem that without bank escrow spot. You know what I see in the winter there yeah yeah there's homeless people go to another bank. I don't go farther walk and play some more danger. We will baby do one of those cheesy lame segments coming up later in the show we get to our draft will be in Princeton, Tobin exact ill thought out to be segment will do that at some point, we come back that we gotta talk In the rent we were Hord should fly to Miami fly from Miami to New York and beach office and you need $500,000 to do this will choke

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